Minister’s Reflections on Delight

Choosing Delight, or Not

To find delight is a choice, not an obligation. But it can be a radical and powerful choice.

I remember reading about a man who was sentenced to life in prison. There was injustice in his sentence and great sadness in the circumstances. But he intentionally found delight watching and studying the ants that visited his cell.

I would never tell someone in a horrible situation, “hey, just find delight in the small things!” or “Find a hobby like watching bugs.”

Yet this man defied the despair and depression that surrounded him. Perhaps he was simultaneously visited by those negative emotions. He certainly had reason to despair.

But the act of defying his circumstances and cultivating delight, awe, and curiosity despite desolation is awe inspiring. It demonstrates the power of his mind to create delight out of deprivation.

Choosing to find delight amid whatever suffering or struggle surrounds, is a powerful act. Never an obligation.

This month as we explore delight, some of you may have little to delight in. You do not have to find delight. You do not have to be delightful either. There is no should with delight.

You get to choose how, when and whether to play with the power of delight.

With Care,
Rev Pippin

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Minister’s Reflections on Delight

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