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Cause: U-Lead Athens Monthly Theme  – Building a New Way through Partnership

May 1 – A Long Time Coming 

Sometimes we cannot tell where we’re headed until we look back at where we have been and what we have learned. As Unitarian Universalists, we have learned many lessons—some of them hard ones! However, we have learned and crafted new spiritual tools to help us find our way. Let us join together to explore our journey and imagine a healing path ahead. Ministerial candidate finalist Rev. Pippin Whitaker leads this service. Following the service, there will be a congregational meeting to vote on calling Rev. Whitaker as UUFA’s new settled minister!

May 8 – Let’s Talk about Family Values

Families are under stress. Kids are growing up in a world that’s changing around them, and they and their caregivers are challenged to figure things out as they live their complicated lives. The celebration of Mother’s Day is a case in point. As UU Family Therapist William Doherty says, “We wouldn’t have Mother’s Day if everything were fine with motherhood.” With gender identity and gender roles changing and with expectations about normative family structures in flux, what is the role of a progressive religious community in figuring it all out? Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will explore the topic.

May 15 – Partner with Us: A Celebration of Democracy

A budget is a moral compass. You can look at an organization’s budget and organizing documents to get an overall sense of their values. This year at the Annual Meeting the Fellowship has several votes of great consequence for our future in partnership. Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will lead the worship service, which will be followed by the Annual Meeting.

May 22 – The Wild, Earthy Call of Love: Flower Communion

“Earth laughs in flowers,” said our Unitarian ancestor Ralph Waldo Emerson, and also true is that Earth seduces in flowers and cements deep and evolutionary partnerships in flowers, too. This year is the ninety-ninth for the tradition of Flower Communion, started by Unitarians and broadly practiced in Unitarian Universalist congregations all around the world. This year’s multigenerational observance will be led by interim minister the Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz, and will include a celebration for our Fellowship Administrator, Shaye Gambrell, marking 20 years of service to UUFA this year!

May 29 – Remembering: Those Who Served and the Spiritual Cost of War

What does service mean? On this Memorial Day weekend, guest minister, veteran, and community activist Chaplain Cole Knapper honors those who served our country and examines the spiritual cost of war. Lay ministers Kate Blane and Dan Everett are supporting worship today.

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