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Cause: Food 2 Kids     Monthly Theme  – Open the Window to Welcoming   

Aug 7 – Welcoming All Blessings

Welcome to this exciting service full of blessings as we bless the backpacks of students, charge the UUFA Board in care of our mission, and welcome Rev Pippin into the community. Our lives are full of many unknown possibilities–some we are excited about and some that we worry about! Let us gather and share blessings so that we may keep our hearts open as we welcome all that comes our way.

Aug 14 –On the Road Again:  Spiritual Journeys

How did you arrive in the land of Unitarian Universalism?  Many paths exist to the same destination.  This service will explore several spiritual journeys that have led individuals to Unitarian Universalism in general and to UUFA in particular.  

Aug 21 –Welcome Back to Fellowship

As we gather at the onset of a new program year with our new settled minister, how do we engage in fellowship?  What does it mean to be in fellowship, not just in the physical gathering, but also in deeper connections with one another? Sometimes we just need to open the door and find out. This worship service is led by Leigh Harvey and Lay Ministers Dan Everett and Kate Blane.

Aug 28 – Into What Do We Gather?

Join us for a joyful ingathering water communion service. All are invited to bring water from a special place (from your home, from a journey, from ?) to contribute to the service. Water will be provided on-site as well. 

Find out more about the history and meaning of the Unitarian Universalist water communion here.

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Small Group Ministry Registration Begins Monday, August 15

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