There are many events held on Sundays, both in-person and virtually, in addition to our Sunday worship service and Religious Exploration for children and teens. You are welcome to partake in whichever ones meet your needs. We look forward to the day when we’ll be able to welcome everyone back to a potluck lunch every fourth Sunday.

Community and Conversation

Community and conversation is held after the worship service as we gather and share each other’s company. We connect with others sharing our thoughts about the service, what is happening in the world in general, and our lives in particular. We enjoy snacks, talking, and participation in activities such as singing meditation, a writing group, or a social justice meeting. There is a playground for kids to enjoy. We are an active place and want everyone to feel comfortable, engaged, and part of the fellowship. We also host a virtual gathering; attend here.

Goddess Group

The Goddess Group, a circle of persons who identify as female, gathers monthly to study “Thealogy,” the feminine aspect of the Divine. During third Sunday afternoon gatherings, the group uses curricula designed by the UU Women’s Federation and other women-centered organizations and individuals to explore their inner goddess. They engage in ritual, conversation, sharing, and caring as a ministry to each other and others within the greater community. Contact lead facilitator Myrna Adams West for more information. Check the UUFA Calendar here for details on upcoming meetings, including a link to join virtually for those who aren’t able to attend in-person.

Writing as Spiritual Practice

Writing as Spiritual Practice, facilitated by Myrna Adams West, explores UUFA’s monthly worship theme through various written genres. The group meets on first Sundays at 9 a.m. multi-platform (virtually and in-person at UUFA). Myrna provides prompts for thinking and/or writing about the theme, and the group offers a safe space for sharing written or spoken thoughts. For more information, contact Myrna Adams West.

Alphabet Family

The Alphabet Family invites people who identify anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum to gather for fun and fellowship, usually on the fourth Sunday evening of every month. Contact group leaders for more information.

The Youth Group

An active and growing group of teenagers, often divided into high school and middle school, has been a joyous part of the Fellowship community. We experimented with various virtual options during the pandemic, but with teens already in online school classes, there was little enthusiasm for an online youth group. We’re working on ways for teenagers to regather in person by the spring of 2022.

Meanwhile, youth may pursue a path to membership at UUFA and explore Scouting badges, and youth who are members may serve on the Board of Trustees. Some teens love to teach, and they are welcome to explore volunteer opportunities to lead younger kids in classroom activities or supervise outdoor playtime. Contact UUFA’s Youth & Young Adult Coordinator Meredyth Howard to learn more.


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