The UUFA welcomes our new DRE Kahla Childers.

As our world is re-shaped by Covid, we’re planning safe and satisfying social gatherings and classes for kids and intergenerational groups. Look for less structured classes with more time for kids to connect with each other and caring adults.


Religious Exploration strives to provide a nurturing environment for pondering big life questions and how the UU Principles can help shape our understanding of the world. Children can engage with ideas about social justice, equity, empathy, and community-focused values through the covenant they make with one another. Our goals for RE are to create a safe, open-minded space where children can find connections and community with their peers and their leaders. Through this welcoming space, they may also discover their own values and determine how to be a force of good in the world.

We value children as whole beings. Their unique traits bring incredible value to our community, as well as the world around us. Children and youth at the UUFA are provided a space for play, reflection, curiosity, and courage. The family is the primary spiritual caregiver, and the UUFA wants to support and reinforce what is being learned at home. The UUFA will build on these values and provide a space for learning about and engaging with the racial and social justice issues that our congregation is committed to unpacking.


To enrich understanding, our programs pull from a rich diversity of stories, nature, creative endeavors, music, and intergenerational activities. Our program is cooperative, as parents give their time to help with the RE program or assist in other ways. Our RE leaders are the gentle guides along this journey of expression and self-awareness. Children and youth are invited to explore world religions, reflect on their guiding values, and search for their idea of spirituality.

As we reimagine what children’s services look like while we look forward to gathering once again, look out for social events and outdoor gatherings for children of all ages. In the future, we will provide intergenerational services that will allow children to find their space in the fellowship to engage and contribute to the services and children’s specific programming.


Our Religious Exploration space is ample, and it’s a safe place for kids and youth to explore their spiritual journeys. Weather permitting, children often spend part of their class time outdoors on our beautiful grounds, in supervised play on the playground, or exploring nature and learning to honor the earth.
Our teenagers have their own space to gather (with supervision) and discuss topics, make music, or just be playful together in an accepting and joyous atmosphere. Look for a youth program to restart in 2022. Unitarian Universalists affirm the whole spectrum of gender identity and sexuality, and we create a positive atmosphere for LGBTQIA kids and their families.

Families are welcome here:

In the future, we’ll have a staffed nursery open from 9:00 am through noon on Sundays so that adults may attend Sunday Morning Spiritual Practices and Forum. The nursery serves children aged four years and younger. However, children up to age six may be in the Nursery during worship service when there are no regular classes or activities scheduled.

We require volunteers and staff who work with children and youth to be vaccinated against Covid. We’ve always required Religious Exploration volunteers to have been a part of our community for at least a year and pass a background check. We require that every group of kids have two adults present.

Parents are always welcome in our Nursery to help their children transition to a new environment (though they may not substitute for scheduled staff or volunteers until vetted and vaccinated). If a special toy might help your child feel comfortable, feel free to bring it. If your nursery-aged child needs a bottle or sippy cup, by all means, bring it. When checking your child into the nursery, let staff know of any medical needs or allergies. But please honor our Well-Child policy by caring for sick children at home!

If families are attending services with their kids and need to step away from the worship service with infants or children, they may watch the service in the Fellowship Hall while tending to their child’s needs. A private place for nursing parents is available, too.

Contact Kahla by email or 706-546-7914, ext. 4

Storytime for kids during ZOOM service

The UUFA mourns the passing of our former DRE Kelli McConnell.


July 2022
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