Religious Exploration for Children and Youth

RE will be meeting this Sunday, March 19th, thanks to our wonderful volunteers, Betsy Smith, Steve Lize and Deb Keys. We will be exploring what it means to be vulnerable by showing our true selves. Learn more here about this Sundays programming and also, about the Caregivers Night Out Sat., Mar 18, and the All Ages Game Night Fri., Mar, 24,

Social Action & Justice at UUFA

Check out the new UUFA legislative action alert page! Find the link under “read more” below. Learn about actions needed on the local, state, and national level.

AADM Hosts “1619 Project” Workshop Series at UUFA

Feb. 25 & 26 at UUFA — AADM’s 1619 Project Workshop, Family Promise volunteer opportunities, and more about UUFA’s justice in the community activities., including details about volunteering this week for Family Promise Athens!

UUFA Flourishing: Can You Envision It?

This year as we create a new vision statement for this congregation, are you willing to envision UUFA as a flourishing place where congregants focus on making that happen for the institution and its people?

A Celebration of Life and Love

James G. Bunce II, husband of Anunnaki Ray Marquez, passed away in his home surrounded by love on December 9. Register for his online memorial service and make a donation to their family here.

We’re hiring!

UUFA is hiring an additional childcare provider to work in our Seedlings room and provide childcare at other events!