“Trans Inclusion in Congregations” Course Offered by Rev. Pippin

To help all UUFA grow and learn, Rev Pippin will be leading a course titled “Transgender Inclusion in Congregations” created by national UU transgender leaders. As an added benefit, this course will expand participants’ welcome not only of trans identities but also of intersex people, racial minorities, and people with any marginalized identity.

UUFA Town Hall on Apr. 30

Share your thoughts on the proposed new UUFA Mission & Vision statements, the proposed budget for 2023-24, and a proposed resolution from the Food Justice Team. Don’t miss it.

Teach-In on Ukraine Hosted by UUFA’s Peace Advocacy Team

*There’s NO livestream for this event.* All are invited to the Teach-In on Ukraine on Saturday, April 15, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. as local experts share their knowledge about the history of this war-torn country and the consequences of the past year. 

Resonations: A Marriage of Photography and Poetry

Lee and Clela Reed offer a first-time collaboration in their exhibit “Resonations: A Marriage of Photography and Poetry,” appearing in the Claire and Robert Clements Gallery. Photos and poems that resonate with one another are paired for this unusual exhibit.

Affirming Transgender and Nonbinary Youth and the entire LGBTQIA Community

Transgender and nonbinary youth have been under attack this legislative season, with their rights to age-appropriate hormone therapy and other medical care stripped away by Senate Bill 140. UUFA joins in affirming our transgender, non binary, and entire LGBTQIA family. Please read this letter that Rev. Pippin sent to our LGBTQIA community.