When We Feel We Belong, We Can Love and Trust

Dear “my” people, please accept this love letter to you.

I see many of you being sometimes overworked and underappreciated, but I also see the sense of grace you handle everything with. The work of walking the walk in our congregation can be difficult but I know that our interconnectedness is not about blindly walking into the future. In these times our fellowship needs to change. We all are really doing our best to feel we belong, but sometimes at the conditions of not being challenged, not being questioned in the way we do things or in the ways we have built our fellowship around. After acknowledging that we might not be the best people in the universe :), we can start working for change if we are bonded in love, if we keep stretching out the walls of our congregation, if we believe that a real community needs to be open.

I don’t think you have any idea of how amazing and powerful we are. As only can happen in deep and genuine relationships, sometimes we can feel disappointed and feel the need to sit down and have a talk together. Belonging our community means being vulnerable if we dig deep in ourselves as individuals and as a community. I have seen us bold, defiant, hurting, healing, laughing and celebrating. Grace will be a measure of our balance in the next months ahead of us.

You are incredible. When I am in this community, I am in awe and joy. I can not think of any other worship place for me better than ours. In these times we’ll slowly start looking at hard truths, more and more every time we meet. I put all the trust I can in this community for all the power this fellowship has and I put my future in your hands as an act of faith in us as a community. As I fell for UUism at first sight, I do feel that love growing stronger every time I am here. I couldn’t be here without you. We all are the grace that our world needs. We are everything we have been waiting for.

With ever growing commitment to who we can become,

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