Social Action and Social Justice

We seek to transform the world into the 'Beloved Community' that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and others spoke about. Sometimes that means doing Social Action, usually an immediate response to suffering or need in a community. Helping stock the local food bank or making donations to a homeless shelter are just two ways we act to alleviate economic and other societal injustices. Sometimes it means doing Social Justice, the more difficult work of changing systemic problems that create the need for social action services. Working to change laws that discriminate or seeking fair and livable wages for all employees are just two ways we work to create a more fair and just society. Within our website you'll see many opportunities for you to act for justice and live out your values.

Various groups at our Fellowship are specifically concerned with Social Action and Social Justice work. Click on each for further information.

Social Action Committee

Green Sanctuary Team

Food Justice Team

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Our Daily Bread

Social Action Committee

The UUFA Social Action Committee ( SAC ) regularly meets on the first Sunday of each month, beginning at Noon.. YOU are invited to attend this meeting to learn about how they make a difference in our world, locally and globally.

In light of recent events, the Social Action Committee (SAC) created the following statement at their June 7, 2020, meeting.

The Social Action Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens in accordance with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Seven Principles strongly condemns all forms of White Supremacy and Institutional Racism especially violence, profiling, and discrimination against people of color.  We support economic equity and respect for all people. We affirm the rights of all Americans to assemble peaceably and to protest without fear of violent oppression or unwarranted arrest or detention.

For further information, contact SAC Chair David Jarrett.


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