Living Our Values

Unitarian Universalists live our values in all aspects of the human journey. We care for ourselves and each other as our primary connection to the web of life. We care for our community and the Earth, too. If you’re on a spiritual journey that calls you to explore a meaningful existence in this complex world, you’ll find curious and open-minded spiritual companions here.

To paraphrase UUA staff member Connie Goodbread, we hope for a brighter future, so we lead with trust. We love all creation, so we come to our work with humility. We seek justice for all and oppress none, so we practice open mindedness. We are courageous enough to be willing to be transformed.

The UUFA covenant represents the promises about how we’ll care for ourselves and each other as we travel this wondrous human journey. Building a beloved community starts at home, and from this solid base we’re able to move out into the larger world and do the work of justice.

Our congregation is a community where spirits can flourish and grow. Individuals grow on Sunday mornings when a sermon challenges and expands thinking, or when music makes the spirit soar, or when a story or reading ignites our imaginations. We grow throughout the week in religious education classes for all ages as we learn to discover the movement of the spirit in our lives. We expand our understanding in small groups, learning together and caring for one another, recognizing in others’ stories our own experience. In a multitude of ways, members of UUFA navigate their own unique spiritual and religious journey.

The bond we have to care for each other is vital to our Fellowship. When Covid threatened human health, we immediately pivoted to virtual live-streamed worship and other gatherings. While this required much time and the talent of volunteers and staff, it demonstrates our determination to create a safe and welcoming community, during the pandemic and always. Now reopening is stretching us into a new shape, and we’re up for the transformative process.

So how do people get connected? As newcomers find a place to belong at UUFA, they often seek to serve the Fellowship. Sometimes it’s as simple as helping make coffee for our after-service fellowship time. Others love singing in the choir or leading groups that study books or do needlework together. Many people find that in serving others their own lives are enriched. Teachers feel taught, and spiritually nourished, by their interactions with kids and youth. The all-volunteer grounds crew enjoys being outside and has a great time together.

As we gain firmer footing on our spiritual path, many of us are led to work for justice. We’ve taken pilgrimages together to Selma, Alabama and to Romania. We’ve marched to protect democracy and reproductive freedom. We’ve worked to reduce our carbon footprint and help the poor in Athens weatherize their homes. Some of our members have cooked homemade meals for the homeless, and others have worked to help recent immigrants find the services they need.

Though individual beliefs evolve and grow, our shared values are a north star for us. We remain committed to the Fellowship even in times of difficulty and social strife, knowing that together we are stronger and more resilient.


July 2024
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