Welcome Hall Gallery: Ynza Morganstar  – Totems  

An opening reception will be held on August 14th.  Ynza will be available in the Welcome Hall after the service and discuss her work.

Curator’s notes: Some time ago, in a casual conversation, I asked Ynza if she created art. Ynza said she did.  She had always wanted to create art but time and tide had meant she never attended art classes. Recently, she decided to just go ahead and make art on her own. What you see here are Ynza’s early products of intentional art. Her choices of forms, colors, and combinations are carefully chosen to show how she relates art to her life and to the world.

Read Ynza’s own explanations of each small, individual piece and of the groupings and ‘totems’ into which they gather.

Consider your own creative possibilities. Do you draw or paint or sculpt, the traditional visual arts? Do you doodle? Perhaps you knit or sew? Crochet? Quilt? Carve? Make furniture? Do you write poetry, stories?  Do you make music or sing?  There are a myriad of ways we express ourselves creatively.

We hope this exhibition encourages you to create.

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