Belonging in a Flourishing Spiritual Community

Do you feel a sense of belonging when among the community of UUFA? I know I didn’t until I began attending Goddess Group and offering my time to other groups at the Fellowship. By becoming a regular attendee of both Sunday services and smaller groups, I began to think that I might belong here, and that was 2012. Now, after attending many meetings and events of various groups, I know that I do belong. 

I believe that only by giving of my time, my talents, and my financial resources did I come to feel “at home” at UUFA. In contributing in various ways, I strengthened my bonds to the people here, and to the institution itself. I know people who were strangers; I feel a sense of accomplishment; and I know that I am a part of the life of this congregation. 

I’m very much hoping that you have that sense of belonging, that you know that you are a part of UUFA. If you don’t, please find something—some group, some cause, some task—that feeds your spirit. And if you’re out of ideas, just contact me at vpsellers@gmail.com, or ask anyone who has been here a while and we’ll try to help you find those connections you need. 

And, please, during this month of our annual budget drive, contribute financially as you are able to help keep us flourishing, able to help folks make connections not only at UUFA, but in the larger world as well. When we contribute financially, we begin to feel as though we have a stake in what happens here, more connected to what goes on at UUFA. 

Let’s keep UUFA flourishing by giving of our time, energy, ideas, and resources. And many, many thanks for all each of you do for this congregation.  ~ Vivian Preston Sellers

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