12:15 p.m. Challenging Chapters: Conversations in the round with Rev Pippin

This conversation in the round repeats monthly and explores everything from meditations for renewal to challenging topics of our day. In these circles Rev Pippin will hold a gentle conversation in the round. Think of passing the talking stick, listening deeply, no arguing or fixing, enjoying space for reflection. The theme of “Soothing syllables”  alternates with “Challenging Chapters“. Please read the challenging chapters in advance for the best experience all around. Copies will be available at the welcome counter on Sundays at least a week in advance. No reading in advance for “Soothing Syllables”.

  • On the third Sundays in Feb, and Apr as well as the 4th Sunday in June, there will be a reflective conversation on “Challenging Chapters.” These conversations will reflect on a call or need for change, such as racism, transphobia, environmental crisis. Rev. Pippin will read an excerpt, but it’s best to read these in advance if possible. Copies will be available first and second Sundays at the welcome counter.
  • On third Sundays in Jan, Mar, and May we‘ll gather for “Soothing Syllables” circles. She will read to you a meditation or poem about rest, centering, or peacefulness amid change. There is no preparation needed for this meeting, just willingness to listen and reflect.

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Dec 18 2022


12:15 pm - 1:30 pm
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