Annual Congregational Meeting

The 2022 UUFA Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, May 15, beginning at noon.  Join us in the sanctuary or attend virtually.
Voting members have three options to vote:
a.  in person in the sanctuary
b.  electronic ballotThe electronic ballot will open at the start of the Annual Meeting and close 10 minutes after comments by the outgoing President begin.
c.  absentee ballotThe absentee ballot needs to be received at UUFA by Friday, May 13.

From the UUFA Bylaws:

Notice of all meetings of the congregation shall be given by the Secretary or such person(s) as the Board of Trustees may designate by hand delivery, electronic communications, or first-class mail to every Voting Member at the address shown on the membership records.

The notice of the Annual Meeting shall include the meeting date, time, location, agenda, a slate of nominees for elected positions, and a copy of the proposed budget. Each notice shall be hand delivered, delivered by electronic communications, or sent by first-class mail at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting.

Am I a Voting Member?

from the UUFA Bylaws:

An Adult Member or Youth Member becomes a Voting Member upon making a financial contribution of record or upon receiving a waiver from the Minister for such a contribution any time within the previous 12 months prior to the next congregational meeting. Anyone who has been a Voting Member for four (4) weeks before any called meeting of the congregation shall be eligible to vote in all matters duly brought to the congregational meeting.

Questions about your voting-member status Contact Congregational Administrator Shaye Gambrell.

FYI–Individually packaged snacks will be provided between the worship service and the Annual Meeting in order to facilitate starting at noon.  Please bring your own water in a container that has a lid if you desire a beverage. Remember:  Only water is allowed in the sanctuary.

Questions or concerns?  Contact UUFA BOT Secretary Karen Solheim.


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May 15 2022


12:00 pm
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