May 30 Forum:  Looking at the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration

Community activist Adam Lassila shares his thoughts about this topic.


The Forum will be on hiatus until August 8, 202.


The Forum is an adult lecture and talk-back program featuring a vast array of topics. Previous Forum topics include SPLOST issues, redistricting in Georgia, global climate change, UUFA solar panels, suicide and its prevention, our UU Transylvanian Heritage, happiness, creativity, and more.

To suggest a Forum topic or speaker, please click here or contact one of the Forum Folks:  David JarrettKaren Solheim, Kate Blane, or Gary Crider.

PAST FORUM INFO (Click on each title to view):

May 16 Forum:  Glyphosate--Ideal Herbicide or Global Menace

Glyphosate is the world's most widely used herbicide. Is it perfectly safe, or is it a menace to environmental and human health? Media headlines and stories often imply that the herbicide is a public menace. On the other hand, there is a wealth of mainstream research and factual information to indicate that glyphosate has a favorable safety profile for the environment and for human health.
We will investigate some of the controversies surrounding the use of glyphosate as well as some of the environmental benefits resulting from its use with speaker Gary Crider.

May 9 Forum:  What Is CBD?--Everything You Need to Know--postponed to Fall 2021

Join Your CBD Store owner Jackie Parker was she shares the facts and address concerns and questions about this naturally occurring substance.

April 18 Forum: Food Waste--Climate Change Contributor #1

A significant percentage of greenhouse gas emissions that come from the food system could be reduced if we stop wasting food. Join Nancy Sagar and Kate Blane as they expound on this topic prior to Earth Day 2021 on April 22.

April 11 Forum: New Day Rising--Changing White Supremacy Culture

Join UUFA members who attended the recent UUA New Day Rising Conference as they share their thoughts as a result of attending this event, focusing on where UUFA has been (including the 2019 pledge) and where we are going from here in the realm of racial justice. Also, sneak a peek at the new UUFA sign!

March 21:  Art of the UUFA

Come and be amazed by the talent at UUFA! Virtual art display includes photography, painting, pottery, and weaving.

March 14:  Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)--What Is It?

​Catherine Mills from Behaviorial Advantage will speak on the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and explain its use as a tool in accountability courts to address individuals with serious substance use.

February 21:  The War on Drugs and Systemic Racism

Join Access Point of GA in discussing the many of the harms caused by the "War on Drugs" and how systemic racism continues to thrive under its umbrella.

February 14:  Service Dogs--Hear the Tail!

Join UUFA member Deb Brenner as she shares her vast experiences in training a nine service dogs and answers questions about this specialized area.

January 31:  There's a New Sheriff in Town--John Q. Williams

Join recently elected Sheriff John Q. Williams as he shares his thoughts about the duties of the sheriff, the history of this position, and his vision for what he would like to change and accomplish as sheriff.