Courageous Holding

When you think of the word courage, what images and ideas come to mind? Merriam-Webster says courage is “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” I sometimes picture a brave looking person, fists on hips and elbows out, ready to face adversity. That brave person facing an outward challenge is surely one instance of courage. 

But daily, we may need to draw on another sense of courage. The courage to hold everything we are carrying. The courage to allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling. Not all those things we are doing, but what we are carrying inside.

One Sunday last month, we explored ways to create belonging in our hearts and minds. To create belonging for some of our most difficult emotions and experiences. To embrace wholeness. We talked about the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, which involves breaking a dish and rebuilding it with gold to fill the cracks. Kintsugi teaches us how to appreciate the beauty of all our broken places. 

As we move into a month contemplating courage as a congregation, I have been thinking about the courage required to embrace those difficult emotions and experiences. This kind of courage needs to be long-burning. Overcoming a challenge might require a fiery blaze of courageous  momentum. But holding all the tender places within…this needs a different type of courage. I think of it as patient courage. 

This month, I invite us all to explore different forms of courage we need, including patient courage. May we find all the courage we need as we move through each day. 


Rev Pippin

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