Community Health

Community Health 

As COVID, flu, and other communicable illnesses make their way through our communities, if you are feeling under the weather or experiencing symptoms on Sunday mornings, please remember that UUFA has a wonderful virtual option! Stay home, rest, recuperate and join us on Zoom if you are able. 

For now at UUFA, masks are optional, but please consider wearung one if you are having symptoms of viral illness or have had a close, known exposure. You may pick up a mask from a basket at the Welcome desk at any time. 

Free COVID tests for folx with or without insurance are available in Athens at a Testing Kiosk located at the ACC Fire Station at the intersection of Mitchell Bridge/Timothy Road and the Atlanta Highway. (3500 Atlanta Hwy; enter on Mitchell Br Rd side). You can register in advance here or at the kiosk using a smart phone.

Here’s a video from the Georgia Department of Public Health about the Testing Kiosk.

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