Update on UUFA’s COVID-19 Precautions

In its most recent meeting, the Regathering Task Force and Medical Advisory Panel discussed priorities for UUFA as COVID-19 remains with us for the foreseeable future. We have spent much of the past two years largely focused on physical safety and responsibility to one another and to the broader community.  Many of the steps we have taken as a congregation and as individuals (such as masking, limiting attendance during surges, and choosing to be vaccinated) have prevented UUFA from being the site of a super-spreader event.

With the opportunity since March to gather in our beautiful building, to worship and socialize outside, we recognize that coming together in person satisfies our spiritual health, our mental health, and our need for community. Our priority is to balance this need with our responsibility to maintain a reasonably safe environment for all who come through our doors. Although we may need to limit attendance or take other precautionary measures at times, our bias will be toward continuing to meet in person.

With these thoughts in mind, the Task Force has decided that allowing small groups to choose to meet together without masks is feasible in the newer rooms where the hourly air exchange is 1.5 or higher. This must be a covenantal decision among the members of each group, renewed at the start of each meeting, as we know that circumstances and individual priorities may change over time. Guidelines are no more than 5 in the conference room; 20 in the Eskildsen room; and 20 in the Fellowship Hall. We will continue to mask for now when meeting in groups larger than 20, including Sunday services, while allowing our speakers to unmask to facilitate clear communication.

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