What’s Up with the Board – May 2022

There’s still time! Sign on as a GA delegate. Complete your 2021-2022 pledge. Let us know your pledge plans for next year. Check out the revised Regathering Chart. Get the details in our monthly Board wrap-up.

Board Reflection – May 2022

As UUFA considers “Building a New Way through Partnership” as our May theme, let’s look back at the almost two years Rev. Lisa has partnered with us on the Board and throughout the Fellowship.

What’s Up with the Board – April 2022

It’s prep time for the Board of Trustees. Read about their plans for coming weeks in this Board report. Ahead: Candidating Week! Closing out the Stewardship Drive! Putting together Annual Meeting! More!

What’s Up with the Board – March 2022

Catch up with the Board of Trustees’ actions and plans in this overview of their March 8 meeting. Included: the Stewardship Drive happening now and a new audio tech for Sunday services.

What’s Up with the Board – February 2022

We appointed Iva to be President of the Board for the 2022-2023 program year! Following the UUFA by-laws, we will submit her name to the Nominating Committee to be on the slate to be voted on at the Annual Meeting.