This month in worship

Cause: The Cottage    Monthly Theme  – Building a New Way through Lifting Up a Vision of Justice


Jan 2 –The Sacred Fire

Fire is a gift from the Creator.  It is spirit made manifest.  As we move back into warmth and light after the winter solstice, let us pause to reflect on the Sacred Fire as we prepare for our annual Burning Bowl ritual.  Service led by Vivian Preston Sellers and Amber Fetner.


Jan 9 – Cosmic Glory, Earthly Splendor

From the first humans gazing at the night sky in wonder to poets and philosophers and scientists, stars and their evanescent potentiality have fascinated humanity. They are our ancestors, and they point us towards a visionary future. Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will discuss how our scientific understandings about the cosmos connect with our spiritual awareness of the connections among all things.


Jan 16 – Widening the Circle: Exploring the Water in Which We Swim

On the day before MLK Day 2022, join members of the UUFA Racial Justice Team in exploring how whiteness is a part of our society and how ideas many consider normal are actually characteristics of whiteness.  Based on the UUA’s report Widening the Circle of Concern, this service will examine what could make UUFA more inclusive. 


Jan 23 – Out of the Flames

What is a book? A combination of paper, ink, glue, and cardboard or the embodiment of ideas, the physical representation of a life’s work? Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will tell the story of Michael Servetus, a scientist and freethinking theologian of the 16th century who was executed for publishing a book stating that the trinity is a theological fallacy. The fire that killed Servetus was stoked with the last known copy of his book so as to eradicate the ideas along with the man, but this is the story of the enduring power of ideas.


Jan 30 – Microscope, Spotlight, Learning Curve, Stakes

If you’ve ever gotten onstage when you’re unsure of your lines but also unsure of what production is underway or what role you’re playing, you get a sense of how challenging it is for leaders to step into service, in front of an audience, during a pandemic.  The UUFA is in search for a settled minister AND also a Director of Religious Exploration to reboot our kids’ Religious Education program. Interim Minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz explores leadership in this age of anxiety, using the work (and the title) of the Rev. Dr. Sarah B. Drummond.