This month in Worship

Building a New Way through Widening the Circle

Cause of the Month: Athens Pride

Sept 5 – Black, Gay, and Proud

UUFA will join Abundant LUUv, an Atlanta West End Unitarian Universalist congregation centered in the African American religious tradition, where your whole, authentic self is abundantly welcome. The Rev. Duncan Teague joyously invites UUFA to join them in celebrating their community-centered work on this, Atlanta’s Black Gay Pride weekend.

Sept 12 – Shelter from the Storm

To everything there is a season: a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to search and a time to rest. When faced with an anniversary of a loss (like the twentieth anniversary of 9/11),  our hearts are stirred to sorrow, and an ongoing trauma (like the global pandemic that continues to scourge humanity) causes cycles from despair to rage to quiet desperation. Where do we take these passionate feelings? Throughout history, spiritual community has provided a safe harbor. Our Fellowship yearns to be such a space for comfort in this challenging time.

Sept 19 – Like Rivers Flowing to the Sea: Water Communion!

With great joy, UUFA annually reconstitutes its community by joining in the Unitarian Universalist tradition of water communion. This year, we’ll gather on the grounds of our beloved Fellowship home – shaped by Covid but flowing still. Bring water to share in a common vessel (potability not required, but water only, please). Wear a mask to protect the most vulnerable and yourself. Wear your nametag to make sure everyone can recognize you after so much time apart. The Fellowship choir will be featured!

Sept 26 – Beyond Categorical Thinking: A T-Rex Named Penny and the Future of Religion

Religion, including Unitarian Universalism, is at a moment in time. Can it survive?  And what must it do in order to survive?   What must we do?   We’ll explore our place in today’s world, and why it is metaphorical meteorites and not a comet that could wipe us out.  Rev. Keith Kron, Director of the Transitions Office for the Unitarian Universalist Association, will lead the service.

August 1: On Lay Ministry, Shared Ministry, and Leadership

Join Lay Minister Lee Cornell as we hear from current and former Lay Ministers reflecting on shared ministry at UUFA, the spiritual practice of leadership in a faith community, and deepening that practice in our individual lay ministry journeys.

August 8: Turning to One Another: Becoming Fully Human

We are still measuring what we have learned and what we havelost as the global pandemic churns through its second year and cases rise again, yet life goes on. Summer travel happened for many, and school is restarting. We’re co-creating the New Normal. As Pema Chödrön says, “We don’t set out to save the world; we set out to wonder how other people are doing and to reflect on how our actions affect other people’s hearts.”

August 15 Reclaiming Fellowship: The Future We Imagine

We begin to gather in small but fierce ways. In the midst of continuing trauma, we learn to reclaim the precious gift of human community and strengthen our connections. Meanwhile, UUFA is gearing up for a ministerial search, and the interim time is rich with possibility to articulate a congregational identity and figure out our work in the world.

August 22 Decisions and Choices: To Hope, To Dream, To Do

Humans make decisions on the basis of logic and facts, and it’s easy to predict how most reasonable people will come down on a particular decision. Choices are more particular and personal, and human life with its deep inner shifts is full of them. Congregations go through some decision points and also face some choices, especially at times of transition.

August 29 Dismantling White Supremacy: Developing Our Anti-Racist Capacity

We keep hearing that this time in history, finally, is a time of “racial reckoning” for the United States. We claim justice for George Floyd and write legislation that lifts up his name in martyrdom, yet the fruits of deep-rooted racism are all around. In the tension between the “reckoning” and the reality, a small group in the deep South sets about to meaningfully engage in dismantling white supremacy (the first goal on the annual list written by the UUFA Board and Ministry Council for the coming program year). How do we do it?