Why are we still signing in?

Why are we still signing in?

Well, the short answer is that Covid is still rearing its ugly head, and we need to have a way to contact people if we find that someone in the building has come down with this highly transmissible disease. Even when we come to meetings, or to volunteer, we should still sign in. Please try to remember to put some sort of contact information on the sheet, as the information we have in Realm may be out-of-date or nonexistent, depending on whether you have updated new information.

The longer answer is that, for years, the Membership Team has been trying to figure out a way to know who is NOT here in order to contact folks to see why they are not attending. People have told us over many years that they wish we had a way to figure that out, so that people would not get “lost.” Now, thanks to Covid, we have a way. Shaye can now run a report for several Sundays to see who has NOT been here in order for the Membership Team to contact them. It’s our way of showing folks that we notice, that we care about them, and to potentially let the Care Team know if these folks need something from them.

So, when you ARE at UUFA, please do sign in for two reasons: so we can contact you in case you’ve been potentially exposed to Covid, and so that we’ll know when you really are NOT here, in case we need to contact you to see if all is well.

We have the capability for folks to sign themselves in electronically through Realm and hope to be able to offer that option beginning in the fall.

Thank you! ~ UUFA Membership

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