What’s Up with the Board – June 2022

Board President Vivian Preston Sellers opened the June 14 meeting by welcoming guests Marguerite Holmes and Penny Oldfather whose Board terms begin July 1, 2022. Jane Mayer and Susie Weller will also be joining the Board. Leaving the Board are Susan Curtis, Clela Reed, Karen Solheim, and Bob Teskey.

The 2022-2023 officers will be Iva King, President; Jane Mayer, Vice President; Lyndall Tunnell, Treasurer; and Sarah Cook, Secretary.

We were happy to learn that six members will serve as UUFA’s delegates to General Assembly beginning June 22: Tracy Brown, Hilda Kurtz, Marco Messori, John Olive, Julie Sapp, and Lyndall Tunnell. Members registered for GA are Iva King, Rachel Leebens-Mack, and Susie Weller along with Rev. Lisa, Shaye Gambrell, and Kahla Childers.

Joining the Nominating Committee is Anna Ray.

Following a year of line-by-line review and revision, we voted with great joy to accept the UUFA Policy Manual 2022. Just one final tweak: updating policy for conducting Board business via technology. Secretary Karen Solheim will provide a document combining all the policies that can be shared on the UUFA website.

June’s Big Picture Discussion centered on the future of multiplatform worship and events because our current practice developed over two years in response to the pandemic. We talked about the power of virtual worship as outreach – both to newcomers and to members not attending in person – and compared the costs of audio and video staffing to the potential for virtual attendance to attract people who may become supporters of the Fellowship. We concluded that we should revisit the issue in several months.

We voted to modify the 2022-23 budget so that any additional pledge funds received by UUFA through June 13 are allocated to the incoming minister’s moving costs up to $15,000 with any additional pledge funds going to the UUA Program Fund. No funds were allocated to UUA in the budget approved at the May Annual Meeting. In other budget discussion, Treasurer Lyndall Tunnell noted that, with two weeks remaining in the program year, unpaid pledges exceed prior years’ totals.

With art exhibits once again present in the Welcoming Hall, Clela discussed naming the art gallery. She will gather an ad hoc committee to create ideas and present a proposal to the Board at a later date.

Because UUFA does not have guidelines for displaying signs and banners on our new road sign and other sites on the grounds, Penny will work with Iva and Clela and possibly others to develop guidelines to suggest to the Board.

The next scheduled Board meeting is July 12. Visitors are welcome to attend. Please check with the Board secretary before the meeting.

Susan Curtis

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