Ready to become a member?

If you’ve been attending services and/or are otherwise engaged in the life of the Fellowship, you may wish to become a member. There are specific benefits to membership described on our Membership website page. The most significant benefits include the right to vote on Fellowship matters and participation in our Care Rings (geographically-based groups that help one another in times of need).

Steps to membership

We have just a few requirements for membership: signing a Covenant of Membership form which describes our expectations of members, and then signing our Membership Registry book during a Sunday service New Member Ceremony. However, we strongly recommend you also do the following first:

  • Get involved and be sure this is the religious or spiritual community you wish to belong to
  • Attend a New to UUFA newcomer orientation session OR meet with the Minister.
  • Make a ‘contribution of record’ (a financial donation to the Fellowship at whatever level your means and commitment allow – there is no minimum or maximum amount!)

Covenant of Membership

This form is available online and at the Visitor Table in the Fellowship foyer.

Top Ten reasons to become a member

Although there will always be the holy trinity of coffee, conversation and committees as reasons to join a religious or spiritual community, here is a Top Ten list (though ours goes to eleven) of reasons you should become a member of UUFA:

  • To transform yourself and the world
  • To give back in return for the many blessings in your own life
  • To find meaning and purpose for your life
  • To feel comfort and find hope in the midst of a broken world
  • To bring greater peace and justice to your life and the world
  • To make new friends and be glad you’re alive
  • To sing, laugh, cry, share, love, and be merry
  • To practice selflessness, humility, and generous hospitality
  • To experience and celebrate awe and wonder
  • To be reminded of what is most important in life
  • To belong, to know there is a spiritual home that accepts all of who you are