Thank you for checking out our website. We also hope you'll visit the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens (UUFA) if you haven't already. You are welcome to visit us virtually on Sunday (while the building is closed due to COVID-19), and in person when we return to in-person services. If you prefer, feel free to contact us to make an appointment. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and begin to get to know you.

We hope you'll find answers to common questions, below, and elsewhere on this website. But please visit us and learn first-hand what we have to offer.

For information about the Minister and Fellowship staff, please follow this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What might you be seeking?

Newcomers visit and become involved in the life of this Fellowship for many reasons. Some come looking for a spiritual community guided by principles or values, rather than by dogma. Many who describe themselves as 'spiritual but not religious' find UU congregations just what they're seeking. Some come looking for a place to raise their children where they'll be encouraged to follow their own spiritual or religious path and where all are welcome. Some come looking to form friendships with like-minded people. Some come looking for a place to direct their interest in social action and social justice. Whatever you're looking for, we hope you'll visit UUFA again and again.

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?

We freely join together in community knowing we share common values even as we hold different beliefs about ideas of God, human nature, and human destiny. Our values primarily are expressed in our Seven Principles.

We draw ideas about how to live and what it means to be good from a variety of sources, generally expressed in our Six Sources.

What can you expect on a typical Sunday morning?

Currently, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the UUFA building is closed, and Sunday morning worship services are online only.  Click here to link to our service live or to view last Sunday's service.