Many Hands Make Light Work

Please take a look at the opportunities to volunteer in the UUFA community below. For general questions or concerns, reach out to volunteer@uuathensga.org.  

There is a need for a team of folks to help with the receptions after memorials and funerals here at UUFA. Would you be willing to help with these?

This is a separate team from the Hospitality folks who work to bring us Community and Conversation each Sunday. The team works with Rev. Pippin to ensure that the reception is well-planned. The memorial reception team would only need to serve when memorials are held at the Fellowship. The
duties, in general, might include:

 Being in contact with the family to see what they want and need;
 Setting up tables and chairs for the reception prior to the service;
 Ensuring food and drinks are replenished;
 Cleaning up/washing dishes/replacing chairs and tables after the reception.

We would like to have at least 12 folks on this team, so that no one has to serve for all receptions. If 4 or so folks serve for a reception, the responsibility could be widely shared.

This is a way to serve both UUFA and a grieving family with a few hours of time and energy. Will you help? Please contact Vivian Sellers at vpsellers@gmail.com to let us know of your interest.

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