UUFA Town Hall on Apr. 30

Approximately every decade, the UU Fellowship of Athens revises its vision and mission statements to reflect the evolving vision, needs, and opportunities of the Fellowship in our wider context. A lot has changed in the world since the current statements were written in 2011, and the fellowship has changed too as is natural over time. 

In accord with our regular rhythm, the Committee on Shared Ministry began inviting feedback from the Fellowship to gather ideas for the fellowship’s current vision and opportunities. They began with a fall retreat in November, 2022, and then partnered with the Flourishing Team on more opportunities for in-person conversation as well as a survey that 111 people responded to. With this wealth of information, the Committee generated a draft of the Vision statement and requested a small task group from the Board to draft a mission statement. The Committee and Board team then presented their initial drafts to the congregation after worship on March 26. 

Now, having made several revisions based on that initial feedback, the Committee on Shared Ministry and Board invite feedback from everyone who is invested in the future of the Fellowship. What do you think and feel about these draft statements below? This is a place to make comments on the draft Vision and Mission Statements with an expected lifespan of the next ~10 years. The congregation will vote on the final drafts at the annual meeting on May 21, 2023.

Please share your feedback here.

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