We are over half way to our goal!

Dear UUFA Community, 

Thank you for the commitment and love you have given to our shared family fellowship. 

Our stewardship theme for 2022-2023 is “Full of gratitude, full of hope.”  Our new budget reflects an intention to live a life of abundance in community, caring, and spiritual growth. We consider this ‘aspirational’ budget not a pie in the sky, but as a real reflection of our hope and confidence in a more abundant future.

As the global pandemic shifts into an endemic disease that humanity begins to live with, UUFA has held together amazingly well, unlike many congregations that have had to close their doors. Looking ahead to the new year, we are filled with gratitude for all we have done to survive this well, and hope for what we might accomplish now! With our new settled minister, this coming year could be a time of new growth and development, a time when we feel proud to be UUs.

In this moment of hope, our board has created an aspirational budget with an increase of 15% over the current year.  This increase expresses our intention to step up and build the UUFA we know we could be. First and foremost, this means offering a competitive salary to attract the dynamic new settled minister who will guide UUFA into the future, plus a cushion for possibly needing to move this person from far away.

The new and improved UUFA will pay its staff like the highly competent professionals they are, which means a 6% cost of living increase this year, with the intention of real raises in following years. Our new UUFA will begin moving toward full funding of our contribution to UUA.  As we regather on our beautiful UUFA campus, we will need all the building supplies, technology and equipment needed for our return to action.  

To this end, we are asking the UUFA community members to increase their pledges by 15% or more. Please know that this substantial increase will not be an annual request, but how we set the foundation for our growth. Let us show our northeast Georgia community that we take our aspirations for a new UUFA seriously. You may pledge online here or print and mail this form. (Contact the office at (706) 546-7914, ext. 5, or uufa@uuathensga.org if you need assistance.) Anyone can pledge! You do not have to be a member nor have an existing Realm account.

Also, we request that you bring your specific talents or passions to the fellowship so that we can continue the success of UUFA. Things to consider:  “what are you good at”, “what do you like doing” and “what does the fellowship need”?

We need people who have a financial background to be on the Finance Committee; we need people who have facilitation skills to lead groups; we need people to step into all the multiple leadership roles as others step out. There is also a need for help with the landscape/building crew (weeding, watering, raking etc), hospitality (setup, cleanup, coffee, snacks),  ushers/greeters, arranging a forum speaker, help writing pastoral care notes, office chores and others.

Please look at our new website and talk to committee chairs, Lay Ministers or Board Members to learn more about all the ways you could serve UUFA and the larger community.

Thank you again for all that you do for our Athens UU family.  

With much love and gratitude,

Your 2022-2023 Stewardship Committee 

Kate Blane, Dan Everett, Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz, and Susie Weller  

UUFA Proposed 2022-2023 Budget

UUA’s Fair Share Giving Guide

UUFA Printable Pledge Form

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