Ministry Is Everything We Do!

Members and friends engage in a number of activities to fulfill the mission and vision of UUFA. When worshiping, learning, having fun, and serving our Fellowship and local communities we deepen our understanding of life and our place in the world.

To support our shared ministry, our programs (or ministries) are led by our Parish Minister, Rev. Alison Eskildsen with the Music Director (Amber Fetner), Director of Religious Exploration (Kelli McConnell), and a team of Lay Ministers (see below). Together they form a Ministry Council that typically meets once a month to discuss ongoing programs, collaboration, and Fellowship concerns. Lay Ministers serve for two years following one year spent in training.

Ministry Council

The Ministry Council consists of Rev. Alison Eskildsen, Lay Ministers, and program staff (Amber Fetner, Music Director, and Kelli McConnell, Director of Religious Exploration). The Ministry Council meets monthly to discuss ‘big picture’ programming opportunities, connections, and concerns of the Fellowship.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council consists of the Lay Ministers (who share coordination of the Council), committee chairs, team leaders, event coordinators, and others who self-identify as leaders in the Fellowship. These people have stepped up and taken responsibility for specific ministries or programs of the congregation.

Lay Ministry Training

Are you currently a leader who generously shares your time, talent and treasure with UUFA? If so, and if you’re interested in increasing your understanding of congregational life and making a deeper commitment to your own spiritual development and service to UUFA, then please consider attending the next Lay Ministry training to begin in Fall 2019. The class meets once a month with Rev. Alison to discuss readings on a wide range of topics around congregational dynamics and areas of ministry.

If you are interested in becoming a candidate, please inform Rev. Alison of your interest. You may fill out and submit the Lay Ministry Application (below) at any time.

For information about committees that report directly to the Fellowship (congregation), go here.
For information about committees that report directly to the Board, go here.

Current Lay Ministers

Hilda Kurtz, Justice

TERM: 1/2017 – 12/2019   CONTACT 

Hilda grew up in Paris, Maine, where she attended and was confirmed in the Episcopal Church.  She spent many adult years unchurched, and first attended a Unitarian Universalist service while living in Minneapolis.  She was drawn to the UUFA through the Palms of Fire Drumming Circle, and she and her husband Rich have been members since 2013.  Hilda and Rich have two middle school boys.  Hilda is a geography professor at the University of Georgia, and finds that critical human geography and Unitarian Universalism mesh quite well.   Hilda shares the Justice ministry with Karen Solheim, and sees Connection, Outreach and Justice as closely intertwined.  She served on the Exploring Racial Justice Task Force, and is partnering with Vivian Sellers (Lay Minister for Lifespan Development) to offer a 6 week workshop on Building the World We Dream About.  She is starting a monthly Spanish language Happy Hour for UUs, in keeping with the idea that  ‘To have a second language is to possess a second soul’ (Charlemagne). Hilda welcomes ideas from members of the fellowship about strengthening connections within the UUFA and beyond.

Carol-Lee Baker, Fun & Fellowship

TERM: 7/2018-6/2020

Lee Cornell, Spiritual Arts

TERM: 7/2018-6/2020

Iva King, Learning (Religious Exploration)

TERM: 7/2018-6/2020


Lay Ministers Emeritae (years served)

Ange Kahn (7/2014-6/2018)

Michelle Leebens-Mack (6/2012-12/2016)

Patty Freeman Lynde (7/2012-6/2014)

Jane Mayer (7/2012-6/2014)

Nancy MacNair (7/2012-6/2014)

Vivian Preston Sellers (7/2014-6/2018)

Karen Solheim (7/2014-6/2018)

Aleta Turner (7/2012-12/2016)

Herb West (7/2016-6/2018)

Myrna Adams West (7/2012-6/2016)