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  • New Spaces, New Names At the building dedication Sunday, the Board of Trustees announced new names for several spaces. The expanded room at the end of the Founder’s Wing is the Universe Room, suggested by the youth group. Thanks to Kimball and Karen Anderson the new office area is now the Martha Bishop Anderson Administration Suite. Thanks to Marguerite Holmes, Marty Lawrence, and Bob McArthur, the multipurpose room is the Rev. Alison W. Eskildsen Room. To recognize the many contributions of George and Ruth Koch, especially to the RE program, the board named the area outside the new Fellowship Hall doors the George and Ruth Koch Memorial Patio. The board honored Catherine, Heather, and Scott Kleiner’s generosity to UUFA and commitment to the founding of Unitarianism in Transylvania by naming the sofa room the Kleiner UU Heritage Room. Note: the heavily used conference room could still be named through a new campaign commitment…perhaps for an historical UU or to memorialize a loved one or for a member of our Fellowship. For details, contact Herb West  (herbwest48@gmail.com). ————————————————————————————–

You are invited to use the new 45-space parking lot off of Cheatham Road for additional parking!!  Enjoy a nice walk to the building on a paved (and, at night, lighted) path.

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NEW!! Final Floor Plan
History of the Project
Power Point from the Congregational Town Hall on March 4.
Landscape Master Plan


Iva King & Herb West are the UUFA representatives who meet and interact regularly with the contractors and architects.  All questions or concerns should be addressed to one of them:

Iva King



Herb West



Capital Campaign Commitments

New or additional Capital Campaign Commitments are still needed, especially from new members or anyone else who hasn't yet made a pledge to the building campaign. Click here for a Capital Campaign Commitment form to print, fill out and sign, and turn in (or email) to Shaye Gambrell, our Congregational Administrator; John Olive, the Building Project Treasurer; or Herb West, Capital Campaign Chair.  Donor recognition opportunities are also available.

If you have not paid your Capital Campaign Commitment in full, please consider doing so before the end of 2018.  The sooner you can pay off your commitment, the less money the Fellowship will have to borrow, thus lowering our interest expense and eventual mortgage payment.

Building Project Committee

Iva King, Chair
Bob McArthur, Board Representative
John Olive, Project Treasurer (Naming and recognition sub-committee)
Herb West, Ministry Council Representative (Sanctuary function and design sub-committee)
Roger Moore (Landscape sub-committee)
Sarah Cook (Playground and RE sub-committee)
Jane Mayer (Administration and Meeting Spaces sub-committee)
Carol-Lee Baker (Kitchen sub-committee)
Barb Schell (Aesthetics sub-committee)
Rev. Alison Eskildsen

Click here to contact us with your feedback, comments, or questions.