“Let It Be a Dance” during 2020 – 2021

Each year when the Board and Ministry Council meet together in January to strategize Fellowship needs and goals, we select an overarching theme for the upcoming program year. During the interim period prior to calling a settled minister, the Fellowship will be dancing together. Leading and following, giving and taking, learning and growing as we figure out just what we want for our future, and who will best lead us there.

  July   Improvisation
  August   Flow
  September   Dance
  October   Balance
  November   Strength
  December   Interpretation
  January   Sequence
  February   Movement
  March   Grounding
  April   Repertoire
  May   Participation
  June   tbd



2019-2020 – “Fulfilling Our Promise”

UUFA makes explicit and implicit promises to its members and the wider community. What are these promises and how do we keep them?

  July   Nurturing, Growth, Sustenance
  August   Welcoming, Acceptance
  September   Belonging, Community
  October   Wondering, Questioning
  November   Giving, Compassion
  December   Rejoicing, Celebrating
  January   Participating, Engaging, Involving
  February   Relating, Loving
  March   Resisting, Challenge
  April   Hoping, Healing
  May   Releasing, Letting Go
  June   Serving, Responsibility


2018-2019 – We’re “Making Room for You”

 As we made room for you during the recent renovation and expansion of our facilities, we completed the annual theme phrase “Making Room for …” with a monthly focus, such as “Making Room for Diversity”.

 July   Diversity
 August   Change
 September   Creativity
 October   Mystery
 November   Emotions
 December   Generations
 January   Light & Shadow
 February   Listening
 March   Imagination
 April   Science & Religion
 May   Connections
 June   Embodiment

2017-2018 – Love Calls Us On

For the 2017 – 2018 program year our overall theme was “Love Calls Us On.” This phrase comes from the Jason Shelton/Kendyl Gibbons hymn, “Life Calls Us On.” Each month we focused on a word or idea that may be one of the many ways we’re called in life.

Photo by Paul Barfoot-flickr

 July  Roots & Wings
 August  Returning
 September  Love Calls Us On
 October  Truth (Honesty, Authenticity)
 November  Sharing Our Blessings
 December  Having Hope, Faith
 January  Promises We Make
 February  Acceptance
 March  Humility (Reverence)
 April  Relationships
 May  Growth & Change
 June  Service