To maintain their independence, two committees report directly to the congregation, though they work together with the Board, Ministry Council, and the members of the congregation. These two committees and their responsibilities are included in UUFA’s Bylaws.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee, composed of four at-large members and a representative of the Board, presents a slate of nominees for Board officers, at-large Board members, and Nominating Committee members at the Annual Meeting. In selecting its nominees, the committee seeks to represent the diversity of the congregation; consider previous service to the congregation; consider the nominee’s knowledge of the denomination, church constituencies, and church organization; and match individuals to their areas of interest and expertise.

Nominating Committee members:

  • Melissa Fahmy (7/2020 – 6/2022)
  • Carol Stanley (7/2020 – 6/2022)
  • Jane Kobres (7/2021 – 6/2023)
  • Kelly Simonson (7/2021 – 6/2023)
  • Susan Brown, Board Appointee (7/2021 – 6/2022)

Committee on Shared Ministry (CoSM)

The CoSM is responsible for reviewing and renewing the ministries of the congregation. This includes creating opportunities for the congregation’s members and friends to communicate about how different aspects of our mission are doing.  The CoSM might ask questions such as –

  • How well do our ministries (programs, activities and everything we do) meet our mission and further our vision?
  • What might need improvement or change?
  • What would you like to see UUFA do in the future?

For more details on this vital committee that helps keep us on track, download the Committee on Shared Ministry Charter 7 12 11.

CoSM members:

  • Jamie Mendenhall-Turner, co-chair (7/2019 – 6/2022)
  • Adrien Helm (7/2021 – 6/2022)
  • Debbie Hardegree, co-chair (3/2021- 6/2023) 
  • Margaret Holt (10/2020 – 6/2023)
  • Lisa Brown (7/2021 – 6/2024)
  • Deborah Keys (7/2021 – 6/2024)

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