Board Member Reflections

  • Curiosity: When It Feeds the Cat…
    How would our lives be if every day everything lined up to predictable plans -ours or divine :)? Isn’t curiosity a necessary element in our lives to help us grow or improve ourselves ? Would parenting or education or playing sports or dating or aging be valuable and nurturing experiences without the necessary exploration-curiosity “spice”  🙂 ? Curiosity is an ageless inclination that every day propels all of us human beings to interpret the world around us, to dig deep in our feelings and to explore artistic creation. In world history curiosity has been the nurturing womb of change, creativity, intentional ...

What’s Up With the Board

  • Want to Save the UUFA Some $$$?
    from Board of Trustees President Vivian Preston Sellers and the Finance Committee: Last year, the UUFA spent over $3500 in credit-card processing fees, mostly for pledges and contributions to the Share the Plate program.  As you know, credit card companies charge for each transaction, and these charges certainly add up during a fiscal year. Some local companies have started adding a 3 precent fee to cover this processing fee or allowing customers to write a check or use bill pay. The Finance Committee would like for all who donate to the UUFA to consider these options as well to allow us to ...


UUFA Board of Trustees 2021-2022

How UUFA is Organized

Governance and Ministry UUFA, a mid-size congregation, uses a ‘Governance and Ministry’ structural model developed by independent consultant Dan Hotchkiss, formerly with the Alban Institute. The Board’s primary responsibilities include setting policies, monitoring finances, stewarding buildings and grounds, and some employment oversight. The Board delegates to the Minister, Ministry Council, and Staff, responsibilities regarding programs and the daily management of the Fellowship. The Minister also serves as Chief of Staff.

Click here to learn more about this governance model directly from Dan Hotchkiss.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serve as governors of UUFA who are the primary stewards of the Fellowship. They create and oversee global policies that guide the work performed to meet the congregation’s mission, vision and covenant. They act as general staff employer and supervise the Minister (who supervises the staff). They designate to the Minister and Ministry Council programmatic responsibilities. Click here for Job Descriptions of UUFA Board positions.

The members serving on the 2021-2022 Board of Trustees are Vivian Preston Sellers (President 2021-2022, board term 2020-2023), Iva King (Vice President 2021-2022, board term 2021-2024), Karen Solheim (Secretary 2021-2022), Lyndall Tunnell (Treasurer 2021-2022, board term 2019-2022), Susan Curtis (2019-2022), Clela Reed (2019-2022), and , Marco Messori (2020-2023), Sarah Cook (2021-2024), Bob Teskey (2021-2022).

Organizational & Governing Documents

UUFA Bylaws, updated May 16, 2021, with non-substantive Board-approved changes July 13, 2021

UUFA Policy and Procedure Manual, updated June 13, 2017

UUFA Donation Policies

UUFA Employee Handbook, updated February 2021

Scholarship Protocols Regarding Congregational Retreats

Conflict Resolution Document (approved 02.09.21)