Board Member Reflections

  • When Our Repertoire Might…
    In performing arts, a solid repertoire can help beginners feel comfortable and ready to execute… It can become a part of their identity until they are ready to explore new spaces, new energies, new larger audiences… Performers with mastery of their own repertoires can pull out punchlines, acting techniques, and ultimately whole shows, starting to achieve new success. and maybe even larger audiences. Having many tools in their repertoire can make them feel comfortable with their audience and with themselves, and maybe be able to perform almost in autopilot mode to manage the “expected” and take some risks here and ...

What’s Up With the Board

  • May 11: UUFA Board of Trustees Meeting
    In keeping with the fifth UU Principle, “the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large,” UUFA offers members a chance to visit its monthly Board meetings, held virtually using Zoom on the second Tuesday night of each month, starting at 7 p.m.  If you have something you wish to share with the Board, there is a brief time at the beginning of each meeting to speak. After that point, all visitors will be muted. If you would like to visit a meeting, please let the Board Secretary, Michelle Swagler, know ...
  • Participation and Inclusion: Feeding oUUr Future
    As inspired by the reading of “Widening the Circle of Concern-Report of the UUA Commission on Institutional Change” (June 2020): To me, participation has always been possible in a place where I feel some sense of belonging and where I feel included. Very soon in my adulthood I discovered I felt more engaged and positively challenged in communities that I felt part of and at the same time that made of diversity a purpose in their growth. Like-minded communities with a very definite dominant culture have always given me conflicting feelings of comfort and boredom, along with a strong impulse of ...


UUFA Board of Trustees 2020-2021

How UUFA is Organized

Governance and Ministry UUFA, a mid-size congregation, uses a ‘Governance and Ministry’ structural model developed by independent consultant Dan Hotchkiss, formerly with the Alban Institute. The Board’s primary responsibilities include setting policies, monitoring finances, stewarding buildings and grounds, and some employment oversight. The Board delegates to the Minister, Ministry Council, and Staff, responsibilities regarding programs and the daily management of the Fellowship. The Minister also serves as Chief of Staff.

Click here to learn more about this governance model directly from Dan Hotchkiss.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees serve as governors of UUFA who are the primary stewards of the Fellowship. They create and oversee global policies that guide the work performed to meet the congregation’s mission, vision and covenant. They act as general staff employer and supervise the Minister (who supervises the staff). They designate to the Minister and Ministry Council programmatic responsibilities. Click here for Job Descriptions of UUFA Board positions.

The members serving on the 2020-2021 Board of Trustees are Scott Mason (President 2020-2021, board term 2018-2021), Vivian Preston Sellers (Vice President 2020-2021, board term 2020-2023), Thrane Jensen (Treasurer 2020-2021), Michelle Swagler (Secretary 2019-2021), Susan Brown (2018-2021), Susan Curtis (2019-2022), Clela Reed (2019-2022), and Lyndall Tunnell (2019-2022), Marco Messori (2020-2023)..