Goals for 2020-2021 (THEME: Let it Be a Dance)

Deepening engagement and growth for all ages
  1. Evaluate policies and their practice related to safety and behavioral standards for children and adults.
  2. Educate Board of Trustees on diversity issues.
  3. Include youth in governance.
  4. Review and recommend facilities and staffing analyses for RE & RE Wing.
Engaging in deeper and more diverse community collaborations
  1. Explore options to develop UUFA Community Outreach Ministry.
  2. Create a Board Liaison to Social Action Committee to provide resources and support to SAC teams.
  3. Review and update building rental policies and practices in light of congregational goals re: diversity.
Securing the present – Building for the future


  1. Review and update UUFA web pages related to “About UUFA” and “Stewardship.”
  2. Review and update Policies and Procedures for voicing and processing member concerns.
  3. Review and recommend improvements on Board communications to and with congregation (informational boards and screens, website, town halls, congregational meetings, branding).
  4. Seek updates from Membership Team and Care Team to determine if contacts are being maintained.
  5. Provide resources to continue streaming Sunday services and creating informational podcasts.

Systems Maintenance:

  1. Develop ten-year budget plan for building systems maintenance by obtaining information as to age, requirements and costs from EOV Team and Building and Grounds Committee.


  1. Develop policies and procedures, structure, and marketing plan for Endowment/Legacy campaign strategies by working with the Endowment Team.
  2. Investigate the idea of creating a flexible budget.
  3. Identify and implement form of budget drive.

Safety and Security:

  1. Develop standing committee to address Safety and Security issues.
    • Develop policies and related handbook.
    • Create a system of annual training re: safety (CPR, active shooter, etc.) for individuals and congregation.
    • Identify staff vs. volunteer roles in Safety and Security overall plan.
    • Assure AED is installed.
    • Consider using security cameras with resources provided by the Board to obtain cameras, other equipment, and services.
    • Develop phased guidelines and protocols for re-opening the grounds and buildings to meetings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Review and vote on the revised Personnel Handbook content and structure.
  2. Assist minister in prioritizing competing demands for self and staff.
  3. Assist minister in identifying and developing financial implications for personnel changes to increase efficiency and support staff retention, especially in the hiring of a settled minister in 2022.
  4. Review and update hiring policies and practices in light of congregational goals re: diversity.