In 2014, UUFA Celebrated Its Diamond JUUbilee!


Logo Juubilee 1954! It was the mid 20th century when the Fellowship got its start. The 60th Anniversary was celebrated throughout 2014 with remembrances of the founders and a look forward to further realize our UU principles.

Among the online highlights is an inventory of the Fellowship’s revered objects and a description of how they came to be. The 60th Anniversary committee developed a 2014 calendar filled with activities at the Fellowship and beyond. After the January celebration launch, we featured:

  • February emphasis on UUFA connections to the larger UU community. Get details here.
  • March celebration of the founders. Find more here.
  • an April highlight of the original buildings and grounds, here and here,
  • May recognition of Lifespan Religious Education, here,
  • June celebration of UUFA’s past and present social action, here,
  • July concentration on spiritual arts, here, and
  • an August emphasis on the extensive music program, here.
  • September ushered in Sixty Days of Celebration, beginning with recognition of ministers, staffers, and lay leaders, here.
  • October brought the biennial retreat to The Mountain followed by onsite and community service projects, as we celebrated community, here.
  • November highlighted members and friends, here. On November 1 the committee hosted a congregation-wide weekend of celebration featuring then-UUA Moderator Jim Key.
  • In December, the emphasis shifted to the Fellowship’s future, here.

Members of 60th Anniversary Committee:  Myrna Adams West, Chair: Lee Cornell, Meredyth Fleisher, Hester Meyer, Diane Bridges, Susan Curtis, Carol-Lee Baker, Patty Freeman-Lynde, Michelle Leebens-Mack, Aleta Turner, and Ted Mayer.