Yes, We Have a Wish List!

If you would like to make a memorial or other donation towards something that does not fall within our current operating and program budgets, the following items are things we wish for that would enhance our ministry and increase our ability to meet our mission and vision. These items are NOT listed in order of priority. To suggest an item that should be added to the list please contact the Minister or the Congregational Administrator.

If you would like to contribute financial support to one of these items please use the Intent to Donate form, below.

Wish List

  • Additional childcare hours so that we can be more inclusive at more activities
  • Playground upgrades, including new play equipment,  picnic tables, garden space, and replacement mulch or other ground material
  • Additional staff hours for membership and volunteer coordination
  • Sign language interpretive support to be more inclusive in worship and classes
  • New outdoor signage with lighting capabilities for Timothy Road and/or Rambling Road so that we are more visible and inviting
  • Scholarship support for attendance at conferences, trainings, and workshops for leaders, advisors, and other participants
  • Support for regular grounds maintenance, such as lawn mowing, dead tree clearance, and shrub trimming