What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving is a form of stewardship for the future.  It is a way to support UUFA and Unitarian Universalism.  Individuals generally contribute assets they have accumulated during their lifetime (savings, investments, real estate, retirement plan benefits, life insurance policies, tangible personal property), rather than giving from annual income (“check book or credit card philanthropy”).

Planned gifts generally are meant to perpetuate something of great value and meaning.  A planned gift is the ultimate one a person can make, both in size and finality. Many planned gifts are deferred, meaning that the congregation receives the financial benefit after the donor dies.  However,  planned gifts can also be made during the donor’s lifetime.

Why Planned Giving?

  • A planned gift can be the most significant gift you can make to UUFA.
  • Planned giving provides a flexible means of future support to UUFA which you put in place today.  You can enjoy the satisfaction of giving something today which provides its benefit in the future.
  • Some planned gifts provide immediate income tax advantages and possible future savings on estate taxes.  Certain gifts provide income to yourself and/or a family member over time while supporting UUFA in the future.
  • You can be recognized for your deep and long-term commitment to an institution that shares your core values.
  • You will leave a lasting and important legacy for future generations of UUFA and Unitarian Universalism.

Types of Planned Gifts  (click here for more details on each type)

  • Outright Gifts
  • Bequests from a Will
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Funds
  • Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Retained Life Estate Contract
  • Appreciated Securities
  • UUA Umbrella Giving
  • UUA Pooled Income Fund

Types of Funds

  • The Endowment Fund consists only of gifts that the donor specifies shall be set aside and remain invested.  The principal and any capital gains remain in the Fund, while the income (defined as interest and dividends) shall is distributed regularly to the Planned Giving Fund. 
  • The Planned Giving Fund consists of gifts that are unspecified or undesignated, and that are not given to the UUFA operating funds or specific capital projects.  The principal, income (interest and dividends), and any capital gains, plus income from the Endowment Fund, remain in the Fund until they are used according to the discretion of the UUFA Board of Trustees.

For more information or further assistance:

Contact Thrane Jensen, Treasurer

Legal and/or income tax assistance:

Always consult your attorney, estate planner, and/or income tax professional for income tax, estate tax, and legal advice.