Please Support the Fellowship!

The time is now to make your annual financial pledge of support to the UU Fellowship of Athens. Whether you are a member or friend of UUFA, we hope you’ll support our activities because of their positive impact on people’s lives.

The goal of the 2020-21 Annual Budget is roughly $368,000 in pledges. We hope you will consider at least a 5% increase in your annual giving.

To log in to your Realm account, follow this link. Log in, click on “Giving” tab on the left-hand menu, click on “+PLEDGE,” enter your yearly total amount in the first box and choose either “as can” or “yearly.”

To print a paper copy of the pledge form, click on this link – Pledge Form 2020 21. Turn in one side with your pledged amount and keep the other for your records. Or simply mail a note with your name, yearly pledge amount, address, phone number, and email to UUFA (780 Timothy Road, Athens, GA 30606).

Let It Be a Dance

As the Fellowship welcomes our new interim minister, Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz, we’ll dance together while figuring out what’s next following Rev. Alison Eskildsen’s retirement from settled ministry at UUFA at the end of July 2020. “Let It Be a Dance” serves as the theme for the pledge drive and the overall focus of the upcoming year. We hope you’ll dance with us!

2020 – 2021 Priorities for Increased Giving

  1. Expand the music program by increasing staff time for new activities, more community engagement during the interim ministry period, and possibly a student intern
  2. Add young adult and senior adult “OWL” programs on human sexuality which entails facilitator training costs
  3. Outreach into the Athens community for relationship building and inclusion, possibly with a membership intern
  4. Increase staff salaries to meet current UUA guidelines, and to include a cost of living adjustment
  5. Maintain the expanded building and grounds

Important Dates to Note

Because the Fellowship never spends money it does not have, at the annual meeting on May 17, a balanced budget was approved.

  • If you are considering making a pledge for the first-time, thank you! Please review the Fair Share Contribution Guide to help guide your pledge decision. The UUA recommends 2-6% of your net income as a good starting point, understanding that individual circumstances may indicate more or less than that amount.
  • If you are currently pledging, please consider making at least a 5% increase to your current pledge if individual circumstances and means allow. We hope to increase the overall pledged amount by at least 5% to afford new programming and cover increases to standing costs.

New and updated pledges are always welcome anytime! Please support your UUFA with a pledge today!