Embodying Our Vision

Changing Our View of Stewardship


The UUFA community has demonstrated time and again that, when we fully commit our rich resources of time, talent, and treasure, we can realize truly incredible visions. Our newly renovated building stands as a testament to that collective power.

We find ourselves in an interim period full of promise, between successfully completing a major capital campaign, and taking up a search for a new settled minister.

The time is ripe to explore how we transition from Expanding to Embodying Our Vision – how do we steward this beloved community as we move forward, and how do we grow into the physical and imagined space we’ve just created?

We invite you to engage in a renewed effort to shift UUFA’s culture of Stewardship, beginning with a series of facilitated group conversations. In the past, this term has often been tied to fundraising efforts and budget drives, but what if we expanded our definition to be more holistic? What if, when we talk about Stewardship, we’re asking ourselves who we want to be as a congregation and what world we want to create, in addition to what resources (of time and talent, as well as treasure) it will take to achieve those goals?

Similar to the way in which we developed architectural plans for the new building, we will start the conversations by laying some foundational cornerstones and then solicit input to shape plans for both the immediate and longer term future. We begin this work in tandem with the 2021-22 fiscal year budget drive and the season of nominating new Board and Congregational Committee members, grounding this effort in the present reality of where we stand. We look forward to supporting an inclusive and collaborative process, and, ultimately, to dreaming and strategizing to fulfill the promise of our Fellowship.

If you'd like to join a scheduled conversation, please click here to sign up or on the button above. If you prefer to share your visions and feedback in another way, please contact Molly Williams and/or Susie Weller . They are chairing this Stewardship effort, and they welcome your participation.