Join Us In Creating Worship!

The Worship Arts & Celebration Team (WACT) is guided in its work by the concept of “shared ministry” in which the ministry of the congregation—and in particular the leadership of Sunday morning worship—is shared between the ordained minister and lay members of the congregation.

WACT generally meets on the first Tuesday of each month (6:30 pm – currently via Zoom) to plan, discuss, evaluate, and learn about best practices for Unitarian Universalist (UU) worship. We strive to create a variety of worship opportunities that comfort, challenge, inspire, and/or reflect aspects of what it means to be human and to live knowing we will die. Worship topics draw on our UU Six Sources and Seven Principles. Besides Sunday morning worship, WAC participates in other special services, such as Christmas Eve.

The committee consists of UUFA members, the Minister, the Music Director, and the Director of Religious Exploration. With the Minister or other worship leader, WACT members plan and help lead Sunday morning worship. WACT encourages those interested in worship to consider joining the committee or occasionally volunteering to assist with worship responsibilities on Sundays. WACT meetings also are open to members or friends who wish to share their thoughts or ideas about worship at UUFA. WACT holds a yearly planning retreat to consider the upcoming program year (July 1 – June 30) and ways to enhance the worship life at UUFA. Please contact Lay Minister Lee Cornell if you have any questions about the WAC Team.

Guidelines for planning worship services

  1. We welcome all.
  2. We seek to invoke the sacred through music, dance, percussion, laughter, tears, joy, sorrow, words, deeds, and silence.
  3. We seek to offer a platform for the sharing of ideas and experiences of what is sacredmystery, and wonder.
  4. We seek to create a space that is safe for those who are searching for peace and acceptance, who are retreating from the hectic world, who are in need of shelter, and who seek to find ways to live meaningful lives in the world.
  5. We recognize that because of our varying backgrounds and needs, some language and actions may seem alien to us yet must be interpreted as meaningful to others.  Diversity in our services provides a space for us all to experience transformation, change, and growth.
  6. We seek to honor the variety of needs of all who worship here.

Please Volunteer–Many Hands and Many Hearts Make Light Work

Ushers: please contact Jim Marshall or Peg Graham if you would like to occasionally volunteer to usher. Click here to download a list of Usher Duties.

Offering Stewards who count financial donations are scheduled by the Finance Committee.

Greeters at the Welcome Table are scheduled by the Membership Committee.

Hospitality: Coffee and tea makers and cleanup are scheduled through our Hospitality Committee.

Contact Shaye Gambrell, the Congregational Administrator, for phone or email information for any of the people or committees listed above.