All services at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted.

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April 4 – A Tomb Is No Place to Stay

Springtime invites us to ponder archetypal images of emerging out of the darkness and into the light. Humans have told some form of resurrection story for millennia, and on this Easter Sunday, UUFA’s Interim Minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz will explore the deep mystery of this sacred celebration. We’ll also celebrate a Flower Communion.  Prepare to participate by driving through the Fellowship’s parking lot and dropping off (and receiving) flowers on Saturday April 3, from 2-3. Fellowship kids and staff will be present to give “bags of love” to you, AND we’ll celebrate a crop of new members. Don’t miss it!

April 11 – Open Sea Spirituality -Rev. Tet Gallardo

For all of their history, Filipinos have been a people who reached out across the sea. A country of 7,600 islands could only see the sea not as a barrier but as a medium of exchange among its more than 100 indigenous groups.

Descended from Polynesians who traveled farther and longer than the Vikings, Filipinos are among the most skillful seafarers in the world, yet Unitarian Universalist churches in the Philippines  are mostly composed of farmers, and their cultural ethos is an affirmation of what it means to have UU values.

UUFA's guest speaker, Rev. Tet Gallardo, has been advocating for the rights of LGBT, women, farmers, indigenous communities, and the environment since she was an activist fighting against the Marcos dictatorship at age 14. She is one of the first openly lesbian ministers in the non-Western world. She is a mystic believing in the divine energy of the vast unknown and currently serves as the president of the UU Church of the Philippines, which includes twenty congregations and two Fellowships.

April 18 – Born of the Earth

An interdependent world is like an immense web, and every action has consequences for the rest of the web. Ironically, in the current era of electronic connectivity, recognizing the connections between the parts of the living earth is increasing difficult. Recognizing the linkages and restoring a sense of balance is the subject of this Earth Day service led by Interim Minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz. A Town Hall meeting to discuss the proposed 2021-22 budget will be held at noon by Zoom.

April 25 – Future Thinking

Things are changing rapidly and unpredictably, and whether in the larger culture or in UUFA, the only certain thing seems to be that we won’t return to the way things used to be. In unpredictable and anxious times, how do we go about imagining, let alone planning for, the future? Interim minister Rev. Lisa Romantum Schwartz explores some of the cognitive and social processes that can inform us and expand our repertoire as a congregation and as a people. We will welcome our newest members this Sunday, too! A Town Hall meeting to discuss the proposed bylaws changes will be held at noon by Zoom.