Upcoming Services

  • November 1: Planting Hope
    It’s been a tough year. Autumn brings deeper darkness to the Northern Hemisphere and a high-stakes election to our nation. We are grateful for our November theme reminding us of the importance of “strength and stamina.” Today is the annual bulb ceremony, and we’ll remember those we’ve lost and plant hope for our future together. Our interim minister, Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz, is leading the service. Cause of the Month: Economic Justice Coalition               
  • November 8:  Living in the Tension
    The election has already happened. At this writing, we don’t yet know the outcome. Worse yet, the uncertainty and associated tension may last for some time. The service for today will be led by interim minister Rev. Lisa R. Schwartz, and its topic will remain relatively fluid until more is known about the state and the soul of our democracy. Cause of the Month: Economic Justice Coalition  

Past Services (click headlines to watch)

  • October 25: The Art of Living Civilly 
    CLICK HERE TO VIEW The past few years have been long and have strained the fabric of society. The idea of civil discourse seems to be a naive dream. Will it ever be possible to move past isolation and fear and into relationship with folks who aren’t just like us? Interim ...
  • October 18: Listen, Listen, Listen to My Heart’s Song
    Grieving the loss of someone or something we hold dear is a part of being human — it’s a feature, as they say, not a bug. Still, grieving is something in which we can gain facility and strength. Interim Minister Rev. Lisa Schwartz explores how to grieve well and wholeheartedly ...
  • October 11: The Rainbow’s Arc
    Unitarian Universalists are rightly proud of being leaders in accepting the fullness of human sexual and gender expression. On this Coming Out Day, UUFA’s Interim Minister Rev. Lisa Schwartz unpacks the history of the GLBTQIA+ movement, how the rainbow revolution came about, and what struggles might lie ahead to upset ...
  • October 4: All Creatures of the Earth and Sky
    October 4 is International Animal Day.  In the interconnected web of all existence of which we are a part, animals are both lovingly incorporated and distancely “othered.” Join us in exploring the balance that is happening and might happen in our relationships with animals. This month’s Cause of the Month is ...