Myrna Adams West facilitates “Writing as Spiritual Practice” first Sundays at 9:15 am in the Kleiner Heritage Room (aka Sofa/Couch Room) in the Founders Wing behind the sanctuary. This group offers an opportunity to explore spiritual expression through various genres.

Rev. Alison said in her sermon “Going Beyond, Going Within,” and I’m paraphrasing here, spiritual practice takes one outside of self or within self.  It transcends the everyday attempts to put into words that which cannot be named or spoken.  It is communication–pick one or more or make up your own word–with God or self or nature or the universe.  When we engage in spiritual practice, we go beyond self-interest and give self away.  

Overarching Theme for 2019-2020 Program Year:  Fulfilling the Promise . . . 

Each Sunday the topic for the worship services will relate to that month’s theme, not as a series, but just another angle on a subject to deepen the exploration of that particular theme. The suggested prompts for Writing as Spiritual Practice assignments will follow the monthly worship themes.

Gathering time: 9:15 am. Next gathering: October 6 in the Kleiner Heritage Room (Sofa/Couch Room) behind the sanctuary.

Before attending the session, choose one or more of the following prompts to write about or make up your own assignment:

The theme for October 6 is “Fulfilling the Promise through Wondering/Questioning.”

Choose one or more of the following or make up your own assignment:

  1. What is your working definition of “wonder”? Give some examples of how you use the word. See the etymology of “wonder,” below, for some inspiration.
  2. “Wow!” is an overused exclamation, due in part to the use of the ubiquitous open-mouthed emoji on Facebook. What is the relationship of the exclamation, “Wow!” to your understanding of wonder? Explain.
  3. A quotation and question from “Daily Compass” (an uplifting thought-provoking daily email source, “The more I wonder, the more I love.” (Alice Walker)  When has wonder led you to love? Why?
  1. Also from “Daily Compass”: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (Arthur C. Clarke) What technology fills you with wonder? Why?
  2. One more quote and question from “Daily Compass,” which seems to be fixated on wonder right now: “We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders.” (G.K. Chesterton)  How does the experience of wonder bring you life? 
  3. What has wonder caused you to discover? How? Why? When? See Mary Oliver’s poem, “Gratitude,” for inspiration.
  4. What does “wonderful” mean to you? Explain. When do you declare something/someone to be “wonderful”? Why?
  5. How would you finish this sentence: “I wonder . . . .” Why? See Mary Oliver’s poem, “Drifting,” for some inspiration.
  6. What “signs and wonders” keep you up at night? Why? See Billy Collins’ poem, “Searching,” for inspiration.
  7. When has someone tried to stifle your wonder or your questions? Describe. How did that make you feel? Why? See Kenneth Patton’s poem, “The Acceptance of Mystery,” for some inspiration.

For more information or for copies of inspirational pieces for this assignment, contact Myrna.

Please Note: You may participate in the 1st Sunday gatherings even if you have not written anything. When others read their writings, you may be prompted to participate in the discussions or you may just want to sit and listen. You are always welcome.