Earth-Water-Flower Day

© by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens, Ga

Earth Day Service presented by Elizabeth Weaver and the UUFA Green Sanctuary Team

at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens, GA

Centering Thoughts

If we don’t start taking care of the earth, then animals will disappear.  Polar bears will be things of legend.  Think of the pain the animals are going through, just because we can’t simply throw a piece of trash in the trash can, or change things that originally use gas to solar power.

–Leo Hayden, UUFA Youth

Questions for Reflection & Discussion

  1. What simple practices reduce your personal impact on clean water for all?
  2. How does water play into your recreation?
  3. Consider how you might become involved in larger efforts to protect the Earth’s water for all beings.