Remember UUFA’s Endowment Fund in Your Year-End Giving

As our congregation members continue returning after Covid, UUFA carries on its traditions and expands its programs for youth, teens, and adults.

UUFA shares its resources and building with our community and beyond, thanks to our many generous donors. You can support our mission by joining the growing number of people who donate appreciated assets, like stocks to the UUFA Endowment, a fund established to support the long-term work and growth of our programs.  The UUFA Endowment is professionally managed by the Athen Area Community Foundation (AACF). Your stock gift can be up to 20% larger when you give directly to charity because you avoid taxes you would incur from selling your stock and donating the cash. Many people are surprised by how easy giving stock and similar assets can be. 

If you believe, as we do, in UUFA’s mission, please consider making a difference by donating your stock.  Anyone interested in donating stock can email AACF at info@athensareacf.org or call Sarah McKinney at 706-357-7148. She will send you delivery instructions after making sure they have your information and know what stock to look for.

Thank you for considering the UUFA Endowment in your giving plans.

Scott Mason, Jane King, and David Jarrett

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