Have you heard???

How can UUFA’s members and friends ensure that the Fellowship continues to grow? How can folks ensure that the Fellowship is able to attempt to fulfill its mission and vision? 

By donating time, talent, and money, as much as folks are able! 

This is the month of UUFA’s  annual Stewardship Campaign, where members and friends prioritize the Fellowship in terms of how much it means to them by pledging to give not only dollars, but also time, energy, ideas, and talent, to help this place continue to thrive. 

Why pledge money? 

  •  So that the folks who work here will know that they will get paid, and how much.
  • So that utility bills and our mortgage will get paid.
  • So that our programs, such as RE, Youth, Young Adult, Care Team, Membership, and Social Justice, will have funds to continue outreach and growth.
  • So that we can pay something toward the costs of the Unitarian Universalist Association programs we use.
  • So that we can prepare for unexpected expenses. 
  • So that folks will have coffee and tea to drink on Sunday mornings!

Why pledge time?

  • Because UUFA only has two full-time staff members, and much help is needed to get things done.
  • Because everyone has different talents to share.
  • Because every group, team, and committee needs new voices and ideas. 
  • Because a community needs everyone to participate in some fashion to create that community. 

It takes a lot of money and time to continue to grow and flourish. UUFA has been able to do that during the past few difficult years because of the commitment of those who have given both time and money to this place.  UUFA didn’t shut down, let staff (including ministers!) go, or fail to meet its budgetary needs, as did many UU congregations.  Let’s continue UUFA’s outstanding record by making the $440,000 goal for pledges and by having folks volunteer in record numbers!

If you haven’t yet pledged, please see the attached information for how to do so. PLEASE pledge in the coming few days. The campaign officially ends in two weeks. 

Let’s Grow Together!

Please pledge now, both financially and with your time and talent, to be a part of UUFA’s journey of growth. Click here to make a financial pledge

If you’d like to view a summary of the upcoming fiscal year budget draft or would like to mail or bring in a paper form, click here to find both. You can find the latest Fair Share Contribution Guide here.

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