Nominating Committee 2022-23 Nominees

From the UUFA Bylaws:
At least thirty-five (35) days before the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall post its list of nominees and publish it in the newsletter and by electronic mail. Up to twenty-one (21) days before the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall accept written petitions of fifteen (15) or more Voting Members to add any qualified member, designated as a nominee by petition, to the list.

View the list of 2022-23 nominees from the Nominating Committee.

IF you wish to submit a nominee by petition to the list, please do so by April 24, sending the written petition to the co-chairs of the Nominating Committee: Melissa Fahmy and Carol Stanley.

To vote on nominees to the Board of Trustees, the Nominating Committee, the Committee on Shared Ministry, and the Endowment Committee, please plan to attend the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 15, at noon. Absentee ballots will also be available.

For further information, contact Board Secretary Karen Solheim.

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