There is a new addition to the Sanctuary!  It is the UUFA Memorial Grove, which provides a place for members to put a small engraved “leaf” to remember members of the UUFA along with close family who have passed away.   This project started over a year ago in Summer 2020 as Rev. Alison was finalizing her ministry and preparing to retire.  As she mused over “unfinished” things she had hoped to accomplish, she shared that she had hoped to have way to memorialize members who had passed on.  Rev. Alison had already done a great deal of research on this project, and funding was already allocated in the minister’s memorial fund.  Iva King and Barbara Schell volunteered to complete this project and were soon joined by Jane Kobres, Penny Oldfather, and Clela Reed.  A year later, that dream has come true in the form of the UUFA Memorial Grove, which is mounted on the wall inside the sanctuary and just to the left of the entrance. The grove consists of carved wooden trees with metal leaves in colors of gold, silver, and bronze.

The grove already has the name of our Fellowship, names of founding members, and the names of former ministers who have passed on.  UUFA members may purchase an engraved leaf or leaves in memory of immediate family members. Leaves may also be purchased in advance for members wishing to have themselves memorialized in the future. Additionally, employees of UUFA and UUFA ministers may be memorialized.

To order a memorial leaf, click here complete a paper form to print and mail or submit your request online here . There is a fee of $50, which may be waived at the discretion of the minister for financial hardship.  Note: Members who give monetary bequests or who have made substantial donations ($500 or greater) to the UUFA beyond their annual pledge will not be charged a fee for a memorial leaf.