The Social Action Committee (SAC) of the UUFA previously selected Causes of the Month for the program year.  A new process was implemented in 2020 to determine Causes of the Month. The Social Action Committee (SAC) invites the members of the congregation to choose the organizations that receive Cause of the Month funding through a two-step process. First, any member can nominate a Cause of the Month (limit one per member). Second, UUFA members then vote on the nominations with the twelve organizations receiving the most votes becoming the Causes of the Month. Between March 8 and March 28, UUFA members voted to select the Causes of the Month for 2021-2022.

The goal of this new process is for members to choose organizations that care for diverse populations with a primary emphasis on those organizations who are empowering people to better themselves and move out of difficult circumstances in their own lives. Hopefully, organizations are chosen ensuring that UUFA's contribution will have the greatest impact. Above all, the selection of groups should be guided by the seven Unitarian Universalist principles and the UUFA Mission and Vision statements.

For further information, contact Deb Brenner.

Living Our Values

Since its inception in September 2005, the UUFA Cause of the Month (CotM) program has been primarily helping groups in need in the Athens area, thus increasing the visibility and appreciation of our Fellowship in the community.  In addition, several UU-affiliated programs have also been CotM.

Share the Plate

share_the_plate_logoOver the past fifteen years, supporting the Cause of the Month has always been an integral part of UUFA. Beginning in July 2013, the congregation initiated Share the Plate. Instead of each person making an individual contribution to the Cause of the Month only on the first Sunday as in previous years, the Fellowship as a whole contributes half of the plate offering every Sunday to the Cause of the Month. Of course, the monies involved in Share the Plate do not include pledges, which are essential to fund the Fellowship’s budget.

Remember that the only funds that are truly shared between UUFA and the Cause of the Month are these monies you put in the offering plate beyond your pledge and/or beyond any other earmarked contributions.

IF you have any suggestions about what you would like to see as a UUFA SAC Cause of the Month, please contact SAC Chair David Jarrett (

2021-2022 Causes of the Month

Thank you to all the UUFA members (almost 70 in number) who voted to select the 2021-22 Causes of the Month.

The Social Action Committee shares that the following organizations were among the top vote getters along with the month during which each organization will be recognized:

July 2021–Family Promise

August 2021–Food 2 Kids

September 2021–Athens Pride

October 2021–The Ark

November 2021– Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens

December 2021–Economic Justice Coalition (EJC)

January 2022–The Cottage

February 2022–the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM)

March 2022–Support for Immigrant Families in Crisis (SIFIC)

April 2022–Georgia Conflict Center

May 2022–U-Lead

June 2022–Children First

fifth Sundays–UUFA’s Partner Church

For further information about the Cause of the Month (CotM) program, contact Deb Brenner.

Please continue to give generously. We continue to be a generous congregation, and your sharing monies (undesignated funds) in the Sunday morning offering beyond your pledge IS making our beacon burn more brightly.