Living Our Values

Since its inception in September 2005, the UUFA Cause of the Month (CotM) program has been primarily helping groups in need in the Athens area, thus increasing the visibility and appreciation of our Fellowship in the community.  In addition, several UU-affiliated programs have also been CotM.

Share the Plate

share_the_plate_logoOver the past ten years, supporting the Cause of the Month has always been an integral part of UUFA. Beginning in July, 2013 the congregation initiated Share the Plate. Instead of each person making an individual contribution to the Cause of the Month only on the first Sunday as in previous years, the Fellowship as a whole contributes half of the plate offering every Sunday to the Cause of the Month. Of course, the monies involved in Share the Plate do not include pledges, which are essential to fund the Fellowship’s budget.

Remember that the only funds that are truly shared between UUFA and the Cause of the Month are these monies you put in the offering plate beyond your pledge and/or beyond any other earmarked contributions.

IF you have any suggestions about what you would like to see as a UUFA SAC Cause of the Month, please contact SAC Chair David Jarrett (

Please continue to give generously. We continue to be a generous congregation, and your sharing monies (undesignated funds) in the Sunday morning offering beyond your pledge IS making our beacon burn more brightly.

Cause of the Month

The Social Action Committee (SAC) of the UUFA determines which organizations will be Causes of the Month for the program year. When selecting local organizations, our focus is on our contribution having the maximal impact. We try to choose groups caring for diverse populations with a primary emphasis on those organizations who are empowering people to better themselves and move out of difficult circumstances in their own lives. In addition, we look at the overall list to make sure it is diverse in the groups of individuals that will be served and that it covers the essentials for life.

Guided by these considerations, our seven UU principles and the UUFA Mission and Vision statements, the SAC chooses a variety of organizations that will be supported this year.


2018-19 Causes of the Month

At present, the list of organizations is as follows:

July 2018:  The Cottage

The Cottage, Sexual Assault Center & Children’s Advocacy Center raises awareness and facilitates the healing of individuals, families and communities affected by sexual violence and child abuse.

August 2018:  Food 2 Kids

For many children throughout northeast Georgia, school is much more than a place to learn; it is also the only reliable source of food in their lives. Consequently, weekends become a time of uncertainty and hunger anxiety. From the time they leave school on Friday afternoons until they return Monday morning, these most vulnerable children may not know when or even if they’ll be able to get a meal.

Believing that this is unacceptable, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia launched its childhood hunger initiative. Through this, the Food 2 Kids program evolved; a program designed to alleviate hunger on nights and weekends when other food is not available.

September 2018:  U-Lead

U-Lead Athens is, in our students’ words, United, Unafraid, Undefeated, Unstoppable Leaders. Students and/or their parents are also undocumented or un(der)documented immigrants. Every Thursday night, Clarke County high school students and recent graduates who have lived in the US most of their lives gather to work with volunteer mentors: spectacular students with UGA’s Undocumented Student Alliance (USA), faculty from CCSD and UGA, and community members. The Oconee Street United Methodist Church donates the space. Students identify and apply for colleges that will accept students with varying immigration statuses, prepare for standardized tests, and search and apply for scholarships. They plan to work in fields such as biology, engineering, education, heating and air conditioning, medical information technology, international relations, and psychology; they have expertise in music, art, multiple languages, and public speaking. Several are also strong immigration rights activists.

October  2018:  Our partner church in Okland, Transylvania (Romania) 

Over the years, UUFA has supported the congregation and its missions in a variety of ways, including establishing a bakery and a dairy, repairing and maintaining buildings, and supporting high school students. In 2017, our Share the Plate contributions will go towards providing stipends for two students who are now attending the Unitarian seminary and one student attending the university.

November 2018:  The Ark

The Ark opened in 1984 with the mission to help those in need.

For the past quarter century the ark has been this community’s emergency room for individuals and families facing financial crisis.

The mission of The Ark is the same today as it was in 1989: to continue to fulfill the vision of its founders by being an efficient, effective way for the religious community to pool resources and help people find self-sufficiency with hope and self-respect in the face of economic hardship.

December 2018:  Athens Area Homeless Shelter

The Athens Area Homeless Shelter provides collaborative, comprehensive services to homeless individuals and families working toward sustainable independence.

January 2019:  Samaritan Counseling

The Samaritan Center is a spiritually-sensitive counseling service of qualified professional therapists who provide confidential, compassionate mental health services to individuals, families, and community groups with respect for personal beliefs and values.

February 2019:  Dignidad Inmigrante En Athens

Dignidad Inmigrante is an organization in Athens with migrant families focusing on justice and recognition for their contribution to the United States economically and culturally with our music, food, and language.

March 2019:  Our Daily Bread and Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens

Our Daily Bread volunteers needed to serve a hot meal at 11:45 am each third Friday and to prepare the meal each third Thursday.

For more information or to volunteer, contact David Jarrett (

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide immediate shelter and guidance to homeless families with children, due to the impact of misfortunes upon their lives. Once accepted in program, IHNA provides food, shelter, daycare, and transportation as needed. UUFA serves as a support congregation during weeks that the guest families stay overnight at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. We provide meals, serve as van drivers, dinner hosts, overnight hosts, and weekend Day Center hosts. 

For more information or to volunteer, contact Mark Hodges (

April 2019:  to be selected by the UUFA Green Sanctuary Committee


May 2019: The Athens Economic Justice Coalition (EJC)

The Athens Economic Justice Coalition, a multi-ethnic organization, began in 2003 as a living wage campaign group, with three strategic goals:

  1. Educate the public on issues of working without a living wage,
  2. Educate low wage and no wage workers and empower them, and
  3. Negotiate with authorities that can make a difference in treatment of workers.

The Athens Economic Justice Coalition was founded by Ray MacNair. The EJC strives to get workers  living wages and fights wage theft and worker abuse and also has been setting up workers’ co-ops to get people to work and teach them to run a business. This organization sponsors Freedom University, Unity, and Peachy Green Cleaning Coop and has lead voter registration and GOTV initiatives.

June 2018:  Chess and Community

Chess and Community (CC) is a youth development organization that impacts and equips youth with real world hands-on experiences through mentoring, traveling and community service.  CC expands students’ perspectives on life and develops them to become leaders in their communities.