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IMG_2687The world is changing and our diets are changing too.

Come explore the food revolution as we seek a compassionate,healthful and delicious diet.Untitled

The Food Justice Team participates in the the food preparation for Our Daily Bread each month on the third Friday. We welcome more help. We provide a side dish(es) of fresh vegetables and fruit. Recently, the contribution was a large bowl of bananas, apples, and oranges for folks to take home with them. It was a big hit. Also,, we oven roasted a large batch of fresh local okra and provided a large lettuce salad.
The Food Justice Team has donated  a weekly CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box of local vegetables to a low-income family.  The Food Justice Team encourages the support of local farmer’s markets at least once a month – Saturday morning at Bishop Park and the West Broad Market as well as Wednesday at Creature Comforts. Take in coffee and music and buy a view items. What a difference this action could make for a local farmers.
Finally. at the UUFA 2018 retreat at the Mountain , members of the Food Justice Team offered the following workshop

Eating as a Spiritual Practice

The UUFA Food Responsibility team invites you to explore eating as a spiritual practice and explore how the Food Responsibility team contributes to justice in the larger community. Many aspects go into health but one thing we do that has a tremendous impact not only on ourselves but on the world is what we eat. Nutritional science points more and more to the value of a plant based diet. How can we embrace our diet as a spiritual connection now and for the future?

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