“Trans Inclusion in Congregations” Course Offered by Rev. Pippin

Watch this short video from the course creators, Rev. Mykal Slack and Zr. Alex Kapitan to learn more about the course.


With the recent attacks on transgender and nonbinary youth and adults, UUFA is called now more than ever to embody our inclusive values. However, most people are not experts in trans and nonbinary identities. To help all UUFA grow and learn, Rev. Pippin will be leading a course titled “Trans Inclusion in Congregations” created by national UU transgender leaders. As an added benefit, this course will expand participants’ welcome not only of trans identities but also of intersex people, racial minorities, and people with any marginalized identity.

SIGN UP HERE. Course meeting times will be scheduled to best meet the availability of everyone who signs up. Limit 30 people this spring, so sign up soon.

Who should take this course?

From the creators:
This course is for groups who want to take their knowledge and skills to the next level in terms of trans identity and how to create congregations that are fully inclusive and affirming of the full breadth of gender diversity.

This course is for everyone from novices on trans identity to those with decades of life experience. Rather than simply offering a “trans 101,” this class pushes participants to the next level of congregational welcome, relationship-building, and skills-building.

It counters mainstream narratives about who trans people are; supports understanding of non-binary identities (such as genderqueer, agender, and Two-Spirit); and employs a deeply intersectional approach.

Resources for Allies

Take a moment to check out these Resources to Support  Transgender and Non-Binary People.

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