Finding our center … to widen our circle

In our search for truth and meaning, where can we start from? At the beginning of each journey, don’t we all decide what to bring with us or to leave behind? Baggage or luggage 🙂 This question itself invites all wanderers to find balance and grounding in their choices.

After end-of-year celebration knock us off-center, resolutions for a new year can help us find our center in our “selves”, in our families, in our work, in friends, in church or in pleasure activities. Re-finding and re-setting our center can help us reaffirm the priceless value of our inherent worth and dignity in the world community and in the interdependent web of all existence. 

When the outside world seems to require our attention constantly and to demand our reactions, we could very easily be spun away from our deeply rooted center. When I am away from my center (less in touch with my UU values), I tend to react more out of impulses or to act with less clear intentions. When I feel more rooted and centered, I can better sense my connection with the world around me. 

Finding our center can help us create and give source to new, fresh energy or breathe new life in something old and neglected that longs for new life. When life circumstances seem setting us out of control and make us feel like spiraling down, stillness and finding our center can help us renew the hope in the impact of our inherent worth and dignity and in the value of our connections with the world community around us. 

In order to define our space, the breadth of our explorations, the clarity of our boundaries and the outreach of our visions, all our paths are defined by our center and pass through it like the infinite diameters of a circle that we are bound to widen. We can be us and more. ~ Marco Messori, Member of the UUFA Board of Trustees

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