Taking Care of Each Other

Pastoral Care refers to how we tend to our community during times of joy and sorrow, or simply when a helping hand and heart are welcome.

UUFA notes life’s passages in worship services and in special ceremonies. We celebrate new births, weddings, unions, membership, graduation, and more. We remember loved ones who have died in memorial services. UUFA’s ministers officiate various rites of passage throughout the year. Contact them about your needs through our Administrator, Shaye Gambrell.


The Care Ring Program

The UUFA Care Program is an essential membership program. Upon joining all members are assigned to a Care Ring. We have five color coded Care Rings, each with their own coordinators composed of seven or more families/single households in the same vicinity. Care Ring members offer support in dealing with crises or stressful situations. They also share your joys: a new child in the family, special birthdays, anniversaries and honors. (Note: the boundaries shown below are not exact.)

Care Ring Coordinators

Silver (Snapfinger)
Red (East) 
Yellow (inside loop) 
Green (South West)
Blue (North West)

Participation in a Care Ring is a benefit of membership. If you are interested in becoming a UUFA member please go to the Membership page in this website.

You Can Volunteer!

The Pastoral Care Program looks for members who want to participate on a more on-going basis. If you are interested in helping out with any of the following activities or just need more information, please contact the office. Often volunteers are needed to:

  • prepare or deliver a meal
  • send a card or call to cheer someone up
  • assist at a memorial service reception
  • assist with short-term housekeeping
  • drive someone to and/or from a Sunday service
  • drive someone to and/or from a doctor’s appointment
  • visit someone in the hospital or in hospice
  • visit someone in their home
  • walk a dog or feed a cat
  • babysit in an emergency
  • water plants while owner away

Memorial Service Planning

Download the Planning Your Memorial form to provide information to the ministers, or family and friends, about how you would like your service to be conducted. You can fill in details about readings, music, hymns, and more. And you can say what you don’t want, too!

We also provide information for you to plan other end-of-life needs. Download the Strategic Planning and End of Life Resources documents.

Emergency Information

In case something happens to you while you’re at UUFA, if we have your contact information, we can let your designated person know if you’ve been rushed to the hospital, for example. This is especially important if that person does not live in your home with you. Download the Emergency Contact form, fill it out, and return it to the UUFA office.

And, please leave our UUFA information available to your loved ones, so that we’ll know if you go to the hospital or have another emergency. We’d like to know so we can offer assistance, if possible. We care about our members!