UUFA’s Partners, Pilgrims, and Pals

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens celebrates 25+ years of partnership with the Okland Unitarian Church in Okland, Transylvania (Romania).


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Okland 231 C

Our Partner Church is the Cause of the Month on fifth Sundays for the 2021-22 program year.

The UUFA continues to support its sister congregation and its missions. In the past, we have helped to establish a bakery and a dairy and helped to repair and maintain buildings.  In 2018, our Share the Plate contributions went towards providing stipends for five students.  Two of the students are attending the Unitarian seminary and three students are attending university.

The UUFA honors our Transylvanian roots and the 25+ year relationship with Okland 

With the renovation of the Fellowship building, one room has been dedicated to this 25-year relationship and our Transylvanian roots.  The former sofa room is now named the Kleiner Heritage Room.  Maps, pictures, books, ceramics, and many other items are now held in this room and given a place of importance.  Please come in and check it out!

Plaque to honor the Kleiner family and their generosity in supporting our connections to our Transylvanian Unitarian heritage
Wooden Transylvanian Unitarian symbol, Woodcut print, pottery


Where there is Faith
There is Love.
Where there is Love
There is Peace.
Where there is Peace
There is God
Where there is God
There is no Need.
— Hungarian Home Blessing



In 2015, UUFA members enjoyed a Pilgrimage to our sister Unitarian congregation in Oklánd, Transylvania (Romania). 

Watch this short video of our trip – https://youtu.be/THQ0qNwx4C0.